• Someone took the time to comment!

    Someone actually made a comment on one of my blogs! I am so excited! Okay, so it was in French and the translator didn’t help much, and I do not think the person was responding to anything I said in the blog, but I was able to “approve” a comment that appeared on my blog!!!! How cool is that???? I am a little concerned that posts I have made here recently might discourage others from reading and contributing to this site and the forum it presents. We will never solve anything if we can’t have honest dialog, but dialog alone will not solve our differences. It will also take a great amount of respect for each other and our opinions and honest dialog to begin to find the compromises necessary to solve our problems.

  • More updates!

    I received more screen shots of comments and added them to the “These are the Good Guys?” page. I have added new pictures and added “Wolves: Part Two, Dogs and Wolves; Myths about Origin and Nature…” to “Let’s stick to the facts about wolves.” This is a slow process. The page you see today might look completely different a year from now. That’s okay because change can be good! I am still learning all about web design, and I am not completely happy with the way the page looks, but I am happy that I finally got started with it! I still haven’t started my other page “Procrastinators Guide to Web Design…”

  • Things are getting ugly…

    I got on Facebook and because of notifications, I wandered into the wolf fray again. I have managed to harden my heart to most of the posts that disturb me, but it is not always easy. Death threats, curses, threats of great bodily harm, fervent wishes for horrible pain and of course horrible death, sexually explicit content… All of this from the Animal Rights Activists side! They accuse the hunters of all kinds of horrible things while professing their love and admiration for wolves.
    In all honesty, the Facebook hunting sites can be pretty horrid themselves, but, from the outside looking in, it’s pretty obvious that these sights have been formed recently in response to the constant barrage of attacks on their traditional hunting sites from the activist.
    From the activist side, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could have this level of hate for such a magnificent creature. Hunting, in general, is not a sport to an Animal activist, and when they see these images of dead wolves accompanied by comments like “Kill them all,” well, it bothers them. That is natural! Dissent is what governments, societies, and whole civilizations have been built on! A healthy debate is welcomed and necessary… name calling, threats and rants are not only unnecessary, but can have a detrimental effect on democracy and the art of compromise.
    I wonder if it’s too late for both sides to step back and take a deep breath… and begin again?
    Yes, it’s too late for that.
    Is there a Plan B? There has to be, right?
    Plan B has to start with an open mind. We will not be ready for Plan B until everyone is willing to stop trying to shove their opinions down the others throat, and we can’t beat each other into submission.
    We have to AGREE TO DISAGREE! Are there players adult enough to do that?