Let’s stick to the facts about wolves

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I have been doing research on wolves and to say that I lived and breathed wolves would be an understatement. I have gained an incredible amount of respect for this intelligent and adaptable species, but I have learned that the species introduced into the USA to jump start wolf recovery did not belong here. Humans played God, thinking they knew what was best.
I pride myself in verifying every claim I read; if I can’t verify it, I disregard it! Above all else, I pride myself on trying to be “the guardian of the truth.” I will only share what I believe to be true. With an open mind, I want to continue this research and I want to share all of my research with you!

It took me a long time to accept the realities as I see them, but now that I have, I will need your help to present these realities to everyone else…
Thank you!

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