I feel like a star in my own Conspiracy Theory!

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It was a warm evening, but getting late. Natasha Fatale wrapped a serape` around her and opened the sliding door. A cool breeze welcomed her as stepped out onto the balcony of their New York penthouse.
“This is what I’m talking about,” she softly said out loud to no one. Her voice seemed strong and clear, but if you listened very carefully, you might detect a slight accent; a very slight accent which was impossible to identify. From out of nowhere she pulled out a cigarette, turned her back to the breeze, and with a lighter that sparkles when light hits it, she lit a long slender cigarette and took a deep drag, holding it in for a few seconds to get the full effect, as it was intended, and she turned halfway back toward the breeze and slowly exhaled. A smile played on her lips as she enjoyed every micro second of this experience to the fullest extent. Then, as quickly as they appeared, the cigarette and lighter both disappeared into the folds of her serape`. With eyes half closed, she walked to the edge of the balcony. Holding the rail tightly she began to sway, but so very slightly. A soft hum that sounded almost like a cat purr could be heard, and it was coming from her. The hum turned into a beautiful melody, sung to perfection with a voice so sweet and clear… Natasha was abruptly yanked back into consciousness with a loud door bell ringing and non-stop knocking… Someone was shouting her name!
“Natasha! Are you there? It is me, Anastasia, your twin sister! Surprise!!! Oh please open the door! I don’t know where my keys are…”
Natasha opened the door so quickly that she startled the porter helping Anastasia, and he threw the packages he was carrying up into the air, and turned and ran past the elevator and straight for the stairs. He did not look back as he began his descent.
“Oh my,” exclaimed a startled Anastasia. She turned to look at her sister and exclaimed just as loud, “Natasha!! I have missed you,” and the two sisters embraced. They have no secrets between them, for they are twins. They are not identical twins, in fact they are markedly different, but also the same in many ways. That embrace is more than a hug, they have exchanged their thought and ideas, but more importantly, they shared their feelings and how they were currently feeling. Feelings always told the full story. You cannot hide from them or change them. They keep things in perspective and they are brutally honest.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

The beautiful scene was suddenly shattered with the simultaneous ringing of both of their cell phones. They both looked at their cell phones, and then at each other… “Boris!” they both said at the same time…
A very large monitor dropped down, and as they turned to face it, they were greeted by the toothy smile of none other than Boris Badenov.
“Ok ladies! This is your new assignment! Moose and Squirrel have been spotted in the mid-west! They have decided to support wolf hunters, and you have to do everything you can to stop them!”
“But Boris,” pleaded Natasha, “we don’t know anything about wolf hunting!”
“That’s alright,” Boris replied with a smug smile on his face, “Neither does Moose and Squirrel!” The screen went black and the monitor withdrew back into its recess…
“AAHHH!” exclaimed Natasha, this time not trying to hide her heavy Russian accent, “Things have not been the same since Boris became “Fearless Leader!!”
Two packages were delivered in the morning providing both sisters with their new identities and some background material.
Anastasia Fatale was going to be Eija Vogel, and Natasha Fatale would be Jackie Downes…