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This is a new experience for me… new though I started working on this in May! I am excited and I have so much I want to share. I love animals and am a No Kill advocate. No animal should be killed simply because it is homeless!

I have always loved wolves, and I immersed myself in the hunting controversy. I started off as a naive wolf advocate, but, the more I learned and read, the more I could see that there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. I want to share everything I have learned about the wolf controversy from both sides. Some of it will surprise you. You will find wolf information under the “Let’s stick to the facts about wolves” and several of my blogs. To learn what got me started on this quest, please see the blog, “Things change quickly around here!” All of my research has been verified. I set myself to a higher standard to avoid any question of my authenticity. The sources you do not see under each title, you should be able to find on my “Links” page, I pride myself on my thoroughness, but if you find something missing, please let me know!

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I love sharing pictures of beautiful places all over the world, animals, people and I want to make you laugh sometimes too. I have started a blog, but I know it is sorely lacking… It will get better. Please feel free to share anything you want with me. I pride myself on being open-minded.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed their screen shots, comments, and support! This is an ongoing process, so please bear with me. I am learning as I go…

Here we go!!!


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