Just trying to make sense of it all…

I am trying to make sense out of what happened with the Terrible Twosome

  •  We meet on Facebook on the wolf hunting pages.
  •  After I was challenged to research the wolf introduction by several hunters. I grudgingly realized that they were right and we had a big wolf problem.
  •  I have a second persona. She was created long before I met these people online (they have many others also). Serafina (who I passed off as my daughter), became friends with the Twosome also.
  •  One day I was tagged into an argument on an anti-hunting page. Things started to get real mean and nasty. “Why are we here?” I wanted to know.
  •  I posted to one anti-hunter that we all hated; “Nobody wants you around, you make everyone look bad…” As soon as I hit enter, I got a pang of guilt.
  •  She responded by asking the group if what I said was true, did they want her to leave the group. I responded for them by telling her “NO! They don’t want you to leave!”
  •  She sent me a very sincere apology and soon after I accepted a friend request from her. I knew I had to tell the Twosome, so I posted a picture and tagged my new friend.
  •  I had confided about Serafina to one of them, and this is when I found out that I was betrayed.
  •  They saw the post and went ballistic.
  •  This is where it all began, I thought. I have since learned that they had been plotting against me and laughing at me behind my back all along…
  •  They opened a Facebook page called the Terrible Twosome dedicated to hating and harassing me after I called them the Terrible Twosome in my blog
  •  I started noticing that pages like Cat Shooting, I Hate Cats, and What’s Going on here? And others started posting some disturbing pictures of cooking and killing cats. I have three cats… It was my turn to go ballistic!
  •  I created a page on my blog to address the cat haters.
  •  They had posted a picture of my house from Google to make fun of it (along with my job title, classification, and wage information). Anyone could right click on that picture to see my address.
  •  Then suddenly they started posting what could be considered libel and defamation:



Guilt by association can sometimes be a type of ad hominem fallacy

The argument attacks a person simply because they are associates or friends with someone whom the attacker hates. It can also be a slippery slope fallacy.

The problem with a slippery slope fallacy is that this reasoning avoids engaging with the issue at hand, and instead shifts attention to extreme hypotheticals. Because no proof is presented to show that such extreme hypotheticals will in fact occur, this fallacy has the form of an appeal to emotion fallacy by leveraging fear. In effect the argument at hand is unfairly tainted by unsubstantiated conjecture or out and out lies!


Then I get these in the mail:


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