How is Clark Images Related?

Who or what is Clark Images and how do they relate to my cyber-stalking nightmare? Let me try to answer that… Karla is in fact Mr. Morissey. The more I learn about her the more I realize how full of herself she is and how frightening that can be. Karla posted this on her Facebook page:
I went to check it out and I see this:
Wait a minute! I know that she lives in Fresno, California. She has admitted that, and one of my hate letters was sent from Fresno California!
Then I remember this:
carla - Copy
Wow! This one is crazy… you know… check this out:
1my address - Copy
She actually lists my address in Sacramento as her new location? What a crackpot! I got the screenshots before I called her on it, and when I went back to her page, she had changed a few things…
Karla, did you really think I wouldn’t notice? Why do you think you are so smart?
Honestly Karla, only a stump is your intellectual inferior.