Cyber-harassers wear blindfolds

There seems to be several different kinds of cyber-harassers, stalkers and bullies, but once someone decides to cyber-harass, stalk or bully you, the effects can be devastating. The part that surprised me the most is how quickly they will switch things around and claim to be the victim when the real victim retaliates in some way. The retaliation can be disputing their statements with real hard evidence to prove their criminal ways, yet the harasser claims they have been victimized because of it and then deny they did anything wrong.
Is posting a picture of someones home with a link to the address cyber-harassment?


Of course, they deny it is cyber-harassment even though she admitted to stalking me… Then I get this in a Personal Message:
Then there is this:
proof bitch!
Or, better yet, why not have her friends post my address for her, along with some other rather sick collages which she approves of when I asked:
will go down1ahole
msm3 - Copy
There is just too much information to do all of this in one page, so I will break this up in parts… to be continued…