Cyber-harassers and the strange case of Karla and Mr. Morrisey

Mr. Morrisey has been attacking me ever since Karla got a 30 suspension from Facebook. What does Karla have to do with Mr. Morrisey you ask? That is what I am trying to figure out, but I suspect they are one in the same (the names will become clear once you see the screenshots).

In order to preserve the timeline, Karla posts this on December, 24, 2013:

noooonotcalifornia! - Copy

I first ran into to Karla on The Terrible Twosome page when all the cat haters and killers began to show up. As I began to look over the disgusting pages, certain names kept popping up, and one of them was a post with a picture of a woman and a child with the child cut off more than half way. The caption on the picture names Karla, and address, and other things, but the interesting part was that it said she lived in Fresno, California. Karla and I sparred on the Terrible Twosome page for several days about the cat haters, cat killers and crush pages that were posting there; suddenly I get two items in the mail on January 18, 2014.

2014-01-18 003
2014-01-18 003 - Copy
2014-01-18 002 - Copy
This sweet little note, signed by Julia was postmarked from Fresno, California. At first I thought it was from Julia Tran, but I can now see that the writer was trying to set Julia up also and I owe her an apology. The second piece of “mail” was not sent through the US mail but actually placed in my mailbox, which is a slot that deposits the mail inside my house. Whomever placed that envelope came to my house and walked up to my front porch and placed the envelope into my box (there is a whole other mystery behind that envelope that I will share later)!
2014-01-18 004 - Copy
While sparring with Karla on the Terrible Twosome page I suddenly remember the post on the I Hate Cats page about Fresno, so I asked Karla if she lived in Fresno. Things went very crazy after that!

As I gather all the screenshots and support for my evidence, I suddenly stumble upon this screenshot of a post by Karla, Posted on January 18, 2014, the same day I get the hate mail! How did I manage to lose and forget this?

carla - Copy
I would call that a threat. Wouldn’t you?

This is going to be long, so let’s just do a quick recap:

  • December 24th 2013, Karla posts a link to a page with a picture of her with a child who is mostly cut off. She comments that:

My one claim to fame is sending a cease and desist
letter threatening a defamation lawsuit to a woman
from for calling me a child molester.

  • On January 18, 2014 I get hate mail after confronting many cat killers and crusher and haters on The Terrible Twosome page.
  • On January 18, 2014 Karla posts that she specializes in criminal defense and would rather plead “Murder, criminal code 187” down to “Manslaughter, criminal code 192,” than file a defamation lawsuit. She mentions her Sig Sauer 40 cal, and says if all else fails she has a match. The post includes her location, Sacramento, California; where I live. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who placed the envelope in my mailbox.
  • The Terrible Twosome announces that Karla got a 30 day ban and suddenly Mr. Morrisey appears and starts insulting my husband on his profile page.


…to be continued…