Cyber-harassers and the strange case of Karla and Mr. Morrisey; Part III

Let’s do a recap:

  • December 24th 2013, Karla posts a link to a page with a picture of her with a child who is mostly cut off. She comments that:
    “My one claim to fame is sending a cease and desist
    letter threatening a defamation lawsuit to a woman
    from for calling me a child molester.”
  • On January 18, 2014 I get hate mail after confronting many cat killers and crusher and haters on The Terrible Twosome page.
  • On January 18, 2014 Karla posts that she specializes in criminal defense and would rather plead “Murder, criminal code 187” down to “Manslaughter, criminal code 192(a),” than file a defamation lawsuit. She mentions her Sig Sauer 40 cal, and says if all else fails she has a match. The post includes her location, Sacramento, California; where I live. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who placed the envelope in my mailbox.
  • The Terrible Twosome announces that Karla got a 30 day ban and suddenly Mr. Morrissey appears.
  • He begins by saying I have posted pictures of his sister, his niece, their address, etc. on my website from the psycho-dating page. The same post Karla posted earlier herself calling it her “claim to fame.”
  • I become aware of Mr. Morrisey on January 23, 2014 when he posts a psycho-dating profile someone created for me.
  • He begins posting lies and distortions all over Facebook calling me everything from an animal abuser, cat killer, anti-Semitist, to child stalker.
  • He is very chummy with Eleanor and the Terrible Twosome.
  • He threatens a law suit.

Both Mr. Morrisey and Karla have shown their insidious nature many times, and not just against me. I want to show you their sinister approach to me and others.







1karlaorjt - Copy



1meet you in hell - Copy

1msm3 - Copy



1will go down


1more crap


This goes on forever, but I think you get the picture… to be continued… yes, there is more…