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  • Luckiest Woman in the World

    I had a strange day today… My hubby was going out of his way to impress me in any way he could, of course, he was celebrating his love with shots of tequila, and he got sillier and sillier.

    I was not in one of those moods. I was in one of those horrible moods where I sat there on the bench faithfully and lovingly, while he played one song after another “just for me,” the same songs we had just heard and wondering what the hell was I thinking?

    He sat on the bench, and put his arm around me, singing along with the love songs like, “She Hates Me,” by Puddle of Mud, or “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant and doing hand movements that must look very extravagant in his mind… but… By the time we get to “Badfish” by Sublime, I finally tell him I must go inside and refresh my drink, and he releases his Ninja grip and I go inside.

    I take a deep breath and look out the back window… Hubby had stood up to help me up and he was still standing when I looked out the kitchen window; the bench was situated with its back to the kitchen window. My cold heart started to melt. I mixed my drink and kept looking out the window. I could see his head bobbing to the music as he patiently waited for me to come back out. Wait! My husband does nothing patiently… yet there he was.

    This is why I love this man and why he amazes me every day. I know there are days when he looks at me in the same way I did for a moment, but in the end, as I look out the window at him, my heart melts. There stands the man that I will always love and I go back out with my drink to give him a loving hug. The joy and merriment in his eyes sends my heart soaring. This is what love is all about!

    Oh, and I think I am the luckiest woman in the world…

  • When Something is Offensive

    A few years ago, I was the one spouting about Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment; about how someone’s opinion was someone’s opinion, and how they had a right to express it, even if it offended someone else. I was convinced that right was guaranteed by the First Amendment in the US Bill of Rights, part of our Constitution.


    Then I had an epiphany.

    Congress shall make no law respecting… Congress shall make no law… Congress shall make… Congress shall… Congress…

    Congress = US Senate and US House of Representative = Federal Government

    “The Federal Government shall make no law respecting…”

    Your right to “Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, or the Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble and to petition the Government” is protected from Federal Government infringement of those rights.

    Your Religion, Speech, Press or the right of the People Peaceably to Assemble and to Petition the Government is not protected on the individual level and if you say or do something that offends someone else, libels or slanders them, you can still be held liable for your actions. You are no longer under the First Amendment protection because the Federal Government did not infringe upon your rights.

    So… It seems this whole conniption fit is about the so called “Confederate Flag,” and the right to offend others by flying it. Let’s first explore the history of that flag to see why it might possibly be a symbol offensive to many.


    How many people are aware that this flag is not the Flag of the Confederacy? The flag flying over the South Carolina State House is known as the Confederate BATTLE flag, but is not the original BATTLE flag which was Robert E. Lee’s BATTLE flag of Northern Virginia. This flag never represented Southern heritage, or Southern pride, or anything else but being the BATTLE Flag of an army fighting for the right to own slaves. The BATTLE flag was square, with the same colors as the union flag, the same red, the same white and the same blue. The flag now being called the Confederate BATTLE flag was designed in the 1960’s by those that believed in segregation.

    By 1863, Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia’s square BATTLE Flag was so popular among the Confederacy that it was incorporated into the upper left corner of the new flag of the confederacy. The white rectangle symbolizes the “supremacy of the white man,” according to William T. Thompson, the flag’s designer. “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race,” Thompson wrote. The second flag faced criticism for being too white, with complaints that it could be mistaken for a truce sign in battle. No criticism was ever made that it represented “White Supremacy.”


    The Confederate BATTLE Flag design changed over the years, and this is the final representation of the “Flag” that was flown by the Ku Klux Klan, George Wallace when protesting desegregation, and Strom Thurmond. The BATTLE Flag became the symbol of segregation.


  • The Enlightened Ones

    The fight between the Anti-hunters and Pro-hunters continues and appears to get worse daily. Such things as decorum, civility, common courtesy and tolerance seem to have been forgotten; from both sides.
    My animal loving friends have hearts of gold. They are the voice for those who have no voice, and will defend any animal against the cruel injustices inflicted upon them. Being the voice has cost them dearly by subjecting them to cruel insults and abuse from those who do not agree with them. This lead to cyber-harassment and being cyber-stalked. This changed them.
    My beautiful enlightened animal loving friends have changed. They are no longer the peace loving animal caretakers they used to be, but I do not think they see it. They started out seeing atrocities and decided to stand up against it; many becoming vegans in their personal quest to make a difference, but somewhere along the way our good intentions were hijacked by others with more extremist views and turned us all into the same intolerant bigots we hate.


    “Hunters are all serial killers.”
    “Hunters all have little dicks.”
    “The bigger the gun, the smaller the dick.”
    “Hunters are all pedophiles.”
    “Animal Activists are all pedophiles.”
    “Animal Activists endorse the raping of children.”
    “Animal Activists are all criminals and domestic terrorists.”
    “Animal Activists are _____________.” (Fill in the blank)
    “If you are not vegan, you can’t speak for animals.”

    Every one of the statements above is considered bigoted, intolerant, sanctimonious, dogmatic or all of these.

    So, let me ask you… How many animals have we helped?

  • Life


    Life can be a learning experience if you pay attention and this past year has provided more than its share of learning experiences. I was thinking about that last night, trying to make sense of this roller coaster ride that life has taken me on since joining social networks and I realized that Facebook was just like a big amusement park. There is a ride for everyone… and sometimes you pick up a few stalkers along the way.
    My stalkers used to be my friends, but when I see the kind of people they really are, I am relieved to have been released from their grip because trying to be their friend was becoming very difficult. The tension was almost palatable and the bullets being shot by one of these “friends” were getting hard to duck. They were taking screenshots and making fun of me behind my back I later learned, just waiting for any excuse to pounce; yet they call me the traitor saying I betrayed them.
    Friends do not have to agree on everything, they can have different views on different things, but for me, friends have to have a core value system that I can respect. I am an animal lover. I currently have three rescued cats, but I love dogs too. I am a strong defender of No Kill for animal shelters; I abhor puppy mills and animal cruelty; I do not support animal testing, vivisection or experimentation and I think fur farms are an abomination. I do not hunt and I am not against hunting per se, but I am completely against trophy hunting and the public display of hunters reveling and rejoicing as they pose with their kills.

    When I met my “friends” I had no idea what these people were really all about. Now that I know, I would never have been “friends” with them.

    • They support the fur industry and the cruelty involved saying all women should wear furs
    • They fully support research on animals, crediting the research for every cure imaginable, whether true or not, with no regard for the animals themselves.
    • Animals are not important to them and are here to be used and abused
    • They take delight in killing animals themselves
    • Many are cat haters and even killers, jubilantly posting and liking gory pictures of dead and tortured cats and the one who has two cats of her own actually supports them
    • They have no sense of decency or decorum, preferring profanity over finesse in an effort to bully their opinions down people’s throats
    • They troll everywhere in Facebook in order to catch anything they can use to ridicule and demean others
    • They attack in hoards, tagging their group members into conversations so they can gang up together.

    These are not the kind of people I could ever respect, but because of them I learned new lessons in life so there are few things to regret all in all…

    • Some people will never like you, accept it
    • You will never like some people, quit trying
    • I met some incredible people who I never would have met had it not been for this, appreciate them
    • I learned that categorizing people (i.e. Hunters, ARA’s, Anti-Hunters, etc.) is nothing more than stereotyping, which is discrimination at its worst
    • Just because you are an Animal Rights Advocate, that does not make you a pedophile
    • Just because you are a hunter, that does not make you inbred
    • Insulting others is a sure way to make enemies
    • There is so much more that I have learned, but it would fill up several pages…

      The most important thing I learned is to appreciate and love all your true friends… they will reveal themselves to you in times of stress; grab them, hold them and never let them go.

  • How many animals have you saved?

    jackie quote...
    This speaks volumes… Why is there so much infighting between Animal Rights Activists and Animal Rescues? Are we not all supposed to be on the same side?
    I have been a animal lover all of my life, and to say I am shocked an dismayed by the treatment I received from some supposed animal lovers would be an understatement. I have always aspired to be open minded and tried very hard to believe that even though there might be opposing views, we still all worked together for the greater good… What the hell happened? These people are more concerned with themselves than they are animals. Somewhere along the line, they’ve had their pride hurt and allowed that to cloud their minds and blacken their hearts, so now they have become obsessed with hate and with paranoia turning everyone that approaches them off. This type of activism is not needed. Blackened hearts are not effective advocates for anything but hate.
    I am not saying that I don’t understand what a retaliation page is all about, but when you allow that to become all-consuming, you have lost your battle…

  • How To Make Enemies On Social Media; 101

    Welcome to the classroom! This course is designed to help you navigate around social media once you have gone past the personal profile pages and moved on to create your own interest page (mainly on Facebook).

    Facebook is an ever-expanding network with millions of profiles and pages. New ones are added daily and the more exposure your page has and the more likes you get, the more others will notice. You start to attract others from all walks of life and if you started your page as a general community page without taking a strong stand on something, you will probably be okay, but, if you dare to take a stand on something, and it is even the slightest bit controversial, beware, you will attract both friends and enemies. In general, being a bit controversial is how to draw more interest to your page, but there is a fine line between being controversial and being a hater.

    Enemies are what haters want. Without enemies and without controversy their pages become static and boring. Their pages were set up in order to retaliate for an attack on them, or to harass and attack others. When the harasser is exposed, if they would only go away, things could get back to normal, but who is the harasser? In a vicious cycle, one becomes the other and neither side is willing to accept their own culpability, even though both sides, the hater and the hated might have become equally culpable. If your page is having trouble getting “likes” because you are being nice, forget about that! Get dirty!!! Set others up! Stir the pot to piss people off, and then just sit back and ridicule them while you watch your audience grows.

    How you ask? Well, you follow your main target around see what they are saying on other pages. Once they have made a comment on a certain page, you and hopefully one of your buddies, or an alternate profile, make comments disparaging your enemy and their comments and setting up the “bait” for the other page. In order for this to work, the page you target should be completely unaware of your conflict with your enemy. You must wait for innocent page to comment on your page because they mistakenly believe you might be a friend because you took the time to comment, and then you openly slam them, shit on them, try to make them feel worthless, and then post false claims about them while you can sit back and watch your audience grow. If it doesn’t grow… oh well, there will be many innocent pages for you to target! Never give up and let the hate flow!
    rotten apples



    She actually posted this on my Facebook page! What a gift! A true Sagittarius can always be recognized in a room by the fact that they are the one with their foot in their mouth. The best part is, she does not recognize it’s her foot, and continues on with her narcissistic babble.
    I sent her a friend request because a mutual friend felt sorry for her and asked me to… I tried hard to like her! I really did, but I began to regret it very quickly. My friends are… well… not like her…
    I think I pity her. Why do I pity her? Well, because it’s pathetic, sad, pitiable and feeble…

  • Cyber-bullying petition!

    I started a petition on Cares2 to demand that Facebook do more to stop the cyber-bullying on its site. Those who are unfamiliar with how Facebook really works are left open to cyber-crime, and even when we try to report the offense, all we get back from Facebook is that “This does not violate our community standards.” No human looks at this, Facebook uses computer algorithms to look for certain violations, and these cyber-bullies know all about how to skirt around those.

    Please take the time to read and sign the petition!



    My petition mentions that there is one particular bully who has harassed many of us, and prides herself and brags about her prowess on Google, and her ability to be able to dig up information anywhere. Then she brazenly shares what she has found calling it “public information.” She goes by many names, but never uses her real name on posts.
    Look who signed my petition!
    my petition
    Dr. Latifah Wolfskin, CO… HA!
    I wonder who would pay $50 for a background check on Dr. Wolfskin who is not a real person? The phrase “currently seeking legal action,” is a veiled threat which falls woefully short of its intended impact because a ficticious character cannot pursue legal action (the correct terminology).

    Ms. Fossil Kunt, WA… Do you not see the contradictions and hypocracy in your statement?
    “Most people with I Q’s above single digits would only want to disguise themselves if they were ashamed or had something to hide.”
    EXACTLY! So who are you?
    “You know. Like rapists and murderers and other psychopaths. Which one are you?”
    I would ask you the same, but I already know you are a psychopath.
    “Love your pets, well animal rights freaks will make sure you lose that.”
    You can’t “lose that” unless you never loved them in the first place. How sad for your pets…
    “They are evil vile people and defective.”
    I don’t need to comment on this pathetic statement…

  • Thank you, NOT, John! WTF was I thinking?

    John’s true colors have finally come shinning through. Here is what he really thinks of me…


    This has been my biggest weakness, trying to give everyone a chance, closing a blind eye to the signs that really point to the truth because I want to believe there is good in everyone and I try very hard to believe the lies they feed to me… knowing in the back of my heart what they truly are. John seems to believe that my retaliation and self-defense page is bullying his poor sweet Lati, yet he turns a blind eye to the horrid bullying she has done on a daily basis. So, John, Can you justify this?
    They are trying to say that my husband “thinks they’re hot?” What kind of trash stoops this low. I know they are lying, yet others might not… but you call me the bully? You know damn well I didn’t start this John… I have many PMs from you telling me that, and how you understand that everything I post on my page is in retaliation for the horrid things posted about me… I will post them all if you try to deny them… Do not make me post them…

    I remember the days when we would all band together on posts by a few crazy radical ARA’s on hunting pages. I joined in if the posts got violent or cruel, and when the ARA idiot lost their self control and began threatening hunters. You also knew I was ARA, but I never condoned the nasty attacks and death threats (yes, I am sorry my ARA friends, but there were many that did not seem to care as much about the animals as they did about throwing threats around and feeling superior behind their keyboard, both sides are guilty of this). I even have a webpage dedicated to these idiots and their sick threats on this very page… The bottom line is, these stupid attacks in the name of ARA’s made all ARA’s look bad, ALL OF THEM! This was not a good thing for the Animal Rights Lovers who were just trying to stop abuse.
    Below is the original post I made about John Gustafson… I guess I now have “egg on my face” and it is “time to eat crow.”
    I know your friends will accuse me of all kinds of ulterior motives, saying stuff like “She just tries to hang on to the men in your life,” and things far worse (you have seen them). So are they saying they think you are a mindless idiot unable to think for yourself? They would be very wrong, John.
    I know how hard it was for you when this all began. You were friends with both sides and being pulled into several different directions. I was new and a liberal, yet I had taken the time to do the research on the wolf introduction and I came down on the side of the hunters that had been fighting against this release from the beginning. You understood the difference between this invasive wolf and our native wolves better than anyone else, and you took the time to learn that I would not judge anyone for their political beliefs.
    You stood up for me against so many who did not understand me and for that I will be eternally grateful. I thought we had grown to trust each other… Then I noticed that you were no longer under the “friends who also like this page” and then I saw this:
    A bullet through the heart could not have been more painful than this, yet I understood how you would take the side of the friends you knew first. It was to be expected, but that did not ease the pain. I saw several posts and digs against me… I guess those were expected too, but I never retaliated, just questioned the posts.
    Neither of us had a any agenda here, we had built our relationship on mutual respect and the understanding that sometimes we had to agree to disagree, and that was how mature relationships should be, but I will be the first to admit that, as much as I try, I can’t always be mature. I am not a robot, I am a human being and may react unpredictably when abused. You were caught in the middle and reacted as a human being also.
    I can’t ban you (as the girls wish) because your opinion still matters to me. Terry, on the other hand hates me, but I haven’t banned him yet because he has not crossed the line (determined by me).
    After our “chat” on my page earlier, I wanted to acknowledge how happy I was to see your comment, as well as acknowledge how truly grateful I have been for your friendship in the past. I’m not kissing up, but I realized that maybe I never shared my appreciation before, and I do not want you to feel I take anything for granted.
    John, thank you for being you!