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  • We are done, Jaco

    I have not looked at your blog, I do not care to. When you began to make empty threats against me, after reading the content of your blog earlier, so many of you comments (including the ones to me), it became obvious that you are not worthy; no matter how hard you pound your chest professing what a man you are. Who are you trying to convince, because it’s not working for me? Pamela deserves so much better…


    There is no terrorist conspiracy; are you over-dramatic or what?

    Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. Although “terrorism” originally referred to acts committed by a government, currently it usually refers to the killing of innocent people for political purposes in such a way as to create a spectacle.

    So Jaco, how many innocent people have we killed? Do you not see how stupid you sound?

    You have negated any claim you had for harassment with your own behavior. The retaliation you have resorted to, the threats, the put downs, the blackmail, your comments, and your blog, have created a hostile environment, making you the biggest bully/harasser. Had you actually consulted with any attorney of worth, you would have been advised that you are doing yourself more harm than good.

    On the advice of my attorney, I now humbly request that you cease and desist your attacks and threats against me and anyone connected to me.

    You are a lucky man, for you have a woman that loves you dearly, with all of her heart. You have a chance to create a beautiful life for yourself if you embrace her love and return it in kind. Look in the mirror and decide what is more important to you, this losing battle you are waging, or your happiness. I sincerely hope that you would prefer love and peace to silly Facebook battles.

    I know that reading this from me will immediately send your walls up, make you suspicious, and probably anger you… I know because my husband is the same way, but I know my husband’s heart is good, and for Pamela’s sake, I want to believe yours is too. I want to believe that you, like my husband, are hot-headed and quick to react, but that is not what you are all about. My husband’s emotions are intense, all of them, and I know how easy it is for others to see the intense reactions as all there is. That would be a mistake.

    Good luck to you, Jaco.

  • Reply to Jaco van Deventer

    As background, I received a note from someone that has been warring with members that belong to a group that I administer. I really had not paid attention to much of the back and forth between the parties, not wanting to get involved. Here is the note, that was posted to Facebook in three parts:


    Here is my response:

    Dear Jaco,

    I have a blog on my webpage also.

    Wolfskin Central is a public group, and any “correspondence” between members is usually done right there, in public. Any correspondence done on private messaging is none of my business, so I do not have access to it, and I do not want to.

    I have no desire to participate in games and I do not react very well to being threatened. I have done nothing to you and you are taking this too far. You are acting like the big bully. Knock it off! I am not impressed. Explain yourself for this comment:


    I took this screenshot from your blog:


    It seems you are two-faced, taking great pleasure in dishing out threats and blackmailing others (read your notes to me above), while threatening to whine to “the authorities” if we do not play your game. How do you even have time for this?

    It is time to put the big boy pants on and act like a man. You are beginning to sound pathetic.

    I am not hiding and easy to find. If you plan a visit to Sacramento, let me know, I can suggest the best hotels and venues for your stay. If you show up at my door with a bunch of thugs to “get me…”

  • I Used to Like and Follow “We The People”

    What does voting mean to you? Do you research issues and candidates? Do you vote your conscience, or just see what others think and vote their way? Do you listen to the pundits who tell you how you should vote? How do you feel when you have diligently picked the candidate who would be the best, and then see others turn on your candidate with demeaning remarks and ridicule, calling your candidate a spoiler? Does it make you angry when you are told that a vote for your candidate equals a vote for the hated other side?
    Let me share with you one example of what I mean. This is regarding a Facebook page that I once admired… The page is called “We The People.”

    I no longer trust or respect this page.

    They posted an article by Mother Jones, but it was their own commentary introducing the post that offended me.

    wethepeople1 - Copy

    I read it over and over again, hoping to find a silver lining, but there was none. I was angry and so I made a comment.


    They did not handle my criticism well (I will admit to being angry), nor did they choose to give an intelligent, well-thought-out perspective. Instead they called me an idiot and banned me from commenting on the page at all. I would like to think that they were unsure how to handle me, but the truth is, this type of reactionary action and commentary seems to be the norm.

    Since then, they have escalated their attacks on my candidate and coined a new name for his followers. We are now Berniebots.














    They have stooped well below the line of decency. They call themselves progressives and “Berniebots” are now cynics. Does the commentary with each of these posts show progressives in action? NO!

  • Dealing With Cancer XIV

    02/13/2016~ Day four of Jim’s 21 day rest period between Chemotherapy sessions.

    I have shared this picture before, but it is appropriate again and here is why:

    The cat in this picture is our beautiful fluffy Cornelius. He was so very special to both of us, but he passed suddenly in late September of 2015. He was only 11 years old…

    Jim talks about him often and wishes his cuddly big boy was here to help him heal…

    IMG_0130 - Copy - Copy

    Oh how I wish the same… Cornelius was special, he was a healer…

  • Nobody Cares…

    Someone asked me to check out a post on one of my stalker’s pages. It’s been about six months since I looked at any of the 30 or so pages created by my stalker, I was not even sure they existed anymore. When I went to the page to read the post I was directed to, I started laughing. There were the same comments, the nicknames she had given me, all the same diatribe… Boring…
    I scrolled down quickly to see that my stalker was still at it and had been for the six months I had been away. I saw no reason to come back and decided to let her continue to spit in the wind. How sad that this is her life. I did not bother to look at the other pages… I was sure they were very much the same.
    I wonder what she expects to gain by continuing a battle with no one else participating…
    The rest of us have moved on…
    DSC00335 - Copy - Copy