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  • Shout out to Karla!

    Thank you for faithfully reading my blog! Not only am I flattered, but I am truly grateful because every time you click on my page it raises the visitor counts and brings me closer to the monetary goals I have set for this page.
    I have been approached by many advertisers who wish to pay to advertise on my page based on the number of visitors I have received and continue to receive. It is faithful readers like you that are responsible for my success and for that I am very grateful!
    You are a peach!
    bear-hugs - Copy

  • Animals Have Always Been My Passion

    I find myself being questioned about my rescue credentials because I posted an opinion. How does that work?
    As an educated woman with an above average IQ, I do the research and form an opinion, and donate lots of money accordingly. Most organizations take the opinions of their large donors seriously, but some individuals who believe themselves to be the authority on all things rescue, immediately resort to name calling and personal attacks instead of debating or addressing the merits of the opinion.
    Had you posted an opposing view challenging my beliefs, I could have respected that. You chose instead to stalk me and peruse my information looking for anything you could use to discredit me or label me a liar, loon, or whatever it is you choose to call your chosen enemies this week. You found an article where I mentioned I currently had three rescued cats. In your decrepit need to disparage me, you twisted that statement and then stated I simply have three cats… What part of “currently” were you having troubling comprehending. Was it the fact that it is a three syllable word?
    It’s time for me to stop beating around the bush and tell it like it is. I tried very hard to give you the benefit of the doubt, more so than others because I felt sorry for you and the hounds; you were so good at milking sympathy from others using the hounds and it worked with me for a while… then you went over the edge and began attacking me simply for liking a page and that “like” had nothing to do with you. You keep repeating and harping on the same theme over and over again about how you and your hounds were attacked even though you were vindicated. You words are now like nails on a chalkboard to me and most others. Then you decide to throw me into the blame wagon simply because I am a friend of your enemy although I had absolutely nothing to do with any of your problems… but one…
    What problem is that you ask? The problem you created for yourself when you chose to malign me. Homey don’t play that…

  • When Bimbos go too far…

    I have gone out of my way to leave you alone since my last tirade about you calling me names and and accusing me of things that I have never done, but now you have gone too far…
    You provided your page earlier…
    Karen is a wonderful person, but, I am not Karen…

    Let me explain something to you Catherine Steinberg; you have no money of your own, but your hubby does… Is Illinois a community property State? The short answer is NO!! It is a separate property State. Your hubby could leave you penniless in less time then it would take me to call you on your crap! You should probably back off now…
    Both my hubby and I have money… California is a community property State, meaning his is mine and mine is his… together we rock!!

  • Life


    Life can be a learning experience if you pay attention and this past year has provided more than its share of learning experiences. I was thinking about that last night, trying to make sense of this roller coaster ride that life has taken me on since joining social networks and I realized that Facebook was just like a big amusement park. There is a ride for everyone… and sometimes you pick up a few stalkers along the way.
    My stalkers used to be my friends, but when I see the kind of people they really are, I am relieved to have been released from their grip because trying to be their friend was becoming very difficult. The tension was almost palatable and the bullets being shot by one of these “friends” were getting hard to duck. They were taking screenshots and making fun of me behind my back I later learned, just waiting for any excuse to pounce; yet they call me the traitor saying I betrayed them.
    Friends do not have to agree on everything, they can have different views on different things, but for me, friends have to have a core value system that I can respect. I am an animal lover. I currently have three rescued cats, but I love dogs too. I am a strong defender of No Kill for animal shelters; I abhor puppy mills and animal cruelty; I do not support animal testing, vivisection or experimentation and I think fur farms are an abomination. I do not hunt and I am not against hunting per se, but I am completely against trophy hunting and the public display of hunters reveling and rejoicing as they pose with their kills.

    When I met my “friends” I had no idea what these people were really all about. Now that I know, I would never have been “friends” with them.

    • They support the fur industry and the cruelty involved saying all women should wear furs
    • They fully support research on animals, crediting the research for every cure imaginable, whether true or not, with no regard for the animals themselves.
    • Animals are not important to them and are here to be used and abused
    • They take delight in killing animals themselves
    • Many are cat haters and even killers, jubilantly posting and liking gory pictures of dead and tortured cats and the one who has two cats of her own actually supports them
    • They have no sense of decency or decorum, preferring profanity over finesse in an effort to bully their opinions down people’s throats
    • They troll everywhere in Facebook in order to catch anything they can use to ridicule and demean others
    • They attack in hoards, tagging their group members into conversations so they can gang up together.

    These are not the kind of people I could ever respect, but because of them I learned new lessons in life so there are few things to regret all in all…

    • Some people will never like you, accept it
    • You will never like some people, quit trying
    • I met some incredible people who I never would have met had it not been for this, appreciate them
    • I learned that categorizing people (i.e. Hunters, ARA’s, Anti-Hunters, etc.) is nothing more than stereotyping, which is discrimination at its worst
    • Just because you are an Animal Rights Advocate, that does not make you a pedophile
    • Just because you are a hunter, that does not make you inbred
    • Insulting others is a sure way to make enemies
    • There is so much more that I have learned, but it would fill up several pages…

      The most important thing I learned is to appreciate and love all your true friends… they will reveal themselves to you in times of stress; grab them, hold them and never let them go.

  • Open Letter To Karla Coontz-Clark Admitted Fake

    The cabbage patch doll you use for your profile pictures looks more and more like Chuckey every day. I know it is you behind all the hate pages recently created on Facebook to attack me and my friends, as well as many other Facebook hate pages. Do you really think you are being clever? Sadly, you are nowhere near as smart and clever as you think you are. You pretend to be an attorney? What a joke! The truth is you are bordering on being criminally insane and the only experience you have with the law would be on the side of the criminal. You have admitted as much already:
    carla - Copy - Copy
    As a pretend attorney, did you advise yourself to post the picture above? How about this one?
    The funniest thing about it is that you pretend to work at the California Attorney General’s Office!
    I wonder what Attorney General Kamala Harris would say to all of your bizarre gutter mouth posts coming from a person who claims to work for her? I wonder what she would say about an employee that creates fake profiles and 18 or 19 hate pages dedicated to harassing people? I think she would root out your evil self long before you caused further embarrassment for them.
    You don’t work Karla, but you sure love to attack those that do.
    Karlaworknot - Copy
    We really do wish you worked anywhere Karla, but instead you choose to attack a National Law firm and an employee that does actually work. Do you really think you are so smart now? If you really worked in law or at the AG’s office, you would know better than to post the crap you post. They would fire you in a heartbeat!




    Karla, you are nothing but an uneducated buffoon!