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  • Facebook needs to get this right!!!

    A page called “Valentines cat punching event” was closed down by Facebook after they received a petition with over 20,000 signatures requesting it’s closure and they did because it violated their community standards. Hurrah Facebook!
    A new page popped up called “Valentine’s Day cat punching memorabilia,” and when it got reported over and over again, Facebook issued the following statement.
    156621-bigthumbnail - Copy
    Dark humor? What kind of human being finds depictions of cruelty and violence toward helpless animals humor?
    There is no difference between a page that promotes and depicts animal abuse and a page that celebrates such abuse! They both depict violent crimes against animals, and there is nothing remotely humorous about it!

  • The Real Latifah

    Several people have asked me, “Who is this woman who hates you so. This woman who is calling you old and fat; this woman who claims that your husband can’t stand to be around you, but that he stalks her because he thinks she’s cute; this woman who believes she is famous on Facebook saying “I’m a rock star!!” Who is this person and what does she look like?
    Several friends have been able to obtain pictures of her, posted in public social media, and I can at least share what she looks like with you.
    This is the woman that believes she’s a Facebook Rock Star and claims my husband stalks her because he thinks she’s cute:
    12366_259274887565807_2028952635_n - Copy


    10425411_273070252891593_1504536979348869670_n - Copy - Copy

    10671277_273070859558199_5319103191195476653_n - Copy

    10698602_1531402220430856_7527666664583721627_n - Copy



  • When Opinions Collide

    I have noticed that on Facebook, almost everyone has a strong opinion. Problems arise when we mistake those opinions for facts.

    Unless you are from another planet, the human beings on this planet descended from apes (not to be confused with monkeys), or more accurately, we shared a common ancestor with apes (hominids). It is believed our genus, Homo, split from other hominids about 4 to 8 million years ago. We are Homo sapiens sapiens, and the last survivors of the genus Homo (Homo is Latin for human and sapiens is Latin for wise).

    Many hominids are known to be aggressive, violent, volatile and even killers and some researchers believe this is why our subspecies, Homo sapiens quickly rose to the top and the other subspecies are now extinct. We were the most aggressive ones and our human evolution was made possible because of this very trait. We became proto-man which later gave rise to the hunter gatherer because we were the meanest bully on the block. We are fortunate however that a few of these ancestors were pacifists.

    This goes a long way in explaining all the violence in our society and also explaining hunters. Up until very recently, hunters were revered and celebrated and no matter what your opinion on hunting is today, it is still a 67 billion dollar industry which generates $25 billion in retail sales, $17 billion in salaries and wages, and employs 575,000 Americans, creating sales tax, state income tax and federal income tax revenues for government agencies and the people they serve. This is not chump change!

    It is time to get to the point of this statement…

    What the hunters and anti-hunters throw at each other are opinions which they sometimes try to disguised as fact. Just because you vehemently disapprove of hunting does not mean that all hunters are bad; that is your opinion, not fact, and the same goes for hunters who continue to rant that all animal advocates are terrorists or pediophiles.

    Whether toward animal or human, Homo sapiens sapiens are ALL the same aggressive and violent species we have always been, and a few of the 43 million hunters in the United States have used social media to post their diatribe, horrid pictures of them with their kills and try to advance their agenda and force their opinions down our throats. It seems, however that they are an embarrassment to many of their hunting brethren.

    Many Homo sapiens sapiens that are animal rights advocates have gone vegan. Many are of the opinion that hunting is evil and because of this they refer to hunters as sub-human and endorse their killing, either outright or in the form of an “accident” (when they rejoice). The killer hominid is strong in these folks too and there is little difference between hunters that will kill animals and the animal advocates that endorse killing hunters.

    Would not our time be better spent trying to find common ground instead of looking for ways to kill each other? The problem is, just like our ancestors, our aggressive hateful traits will continue to pit man against man… and lead to our demise.

  • Mandatory Spay and Neuter Legislation

    “Why not REQUIRE pet owners who are not licensed breeders to be responsible to the community by altering their pets?”


    Animal Advocates have been arguing about shelter reform and other animal issues for a very long time. With the advent of social media, most of those arguments went “viral” and more and more animal lovers were drawn into the issues and soon many began to pick sides.

    NoKillEquation (1)

    The No Kill Movement owes its rapid climb to prominence to social media and as fans of the movement grew, so did its foes. Those who are against the No Kill Movement are not animal haters and killers. Most are not companion pet haters and would rejoice if needless shelter killings ended (not to be confused with true euthanasia; from Greek: εὐθανασία; “good death”), it’s just that they have different opinions on how to get there, what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to shelter reform.


    One of the main points of contention surrounds Mandatory Spay and Neuter Legislation. A majority of those people who support the No Kill Movement do not support Mandatory Spay and Neuter Laws because they do not believe they work. Those who support Mandatory Spay and Neuter Laws believe without this legislation, the goal of “No Kill” is unobtainable and a foolish delusion.

    There are several other points of contention between these two sides, but I am only going to address Mandatory Spay and Neuter here. I have never been a fan of any “Mandatory” legislation of any kind for several reasons. Let me try to explain…

    I live in California where many laws are passed by initiatives placed on the ballot. We have Mandatory Automobile Insurance (an initiative put on the ballot by those backing the insurance industry with deep pockets) to combat the cry for “No fault” legislation. The intent was to get everyone with a car responsible for making sure their cars had insurance and to get uninsured drivers off the road and it was implemented through The Department of Motor Vehicles. You had to show proof of insurance in order to get your car registered.

    It did not really work as intended. Today we have more uninsured drivers on the road than ever before driving unregistered cars. We did however succeed in creating a new class of criminals of those who are low income, homeless (some living in their cars), or those who are just plain down and out and cannot afford car insurance. Others have figured out that you can buy the minimum basic insurance for a one to three month period when the registration is due and then drop it as soon as the stickers come in the mail because they cannot afford to do otherwise. So now we have uninsured drivers in registered vehicles on the road along with the unregistered and uninsured drivers already there.

    How would Mandatory Spay and Neuter Laws work? Who would enforce them? Is the legislation “funded” (meaning are free spay and neuter options available), or is this just another way to make criminals out of those who are low income? Many will argue that if a person is too poor to pay for spaying and neutering, then they are too poor to own pets. Good luck with that… Let’s start a class war. Let’s vilify those kids who had a stray puppy or kitten follow them home and whose parents don’t have the heart to tell the kid, no, let the stray die because they say we are not allowed to give it a loving home because we can’t afford to spay or neuter it.

    Let’s create laws that no one can afford to enforce that forces animal lovers to become criminals because they will not turn away from an animal in need. Who could do that? I certainly could not, and neither will they.

    The call for Mandatory Spay and Neuter Legislation comes from people that mean well. Their intent is to stop needless shelter killing due to over-population because of these unaltered pets. It pains them to see puppies and kittens killed because the litter was unwanted. There are other motivating factors also, but I will not get into those here.


    In a perfect world, where everyone who is able to has a decent paying job, good healthcare, a roof over their heads and a love for animals, Mandatory Spay and Neuter is a wonderful idea, but we do not live in a perfect world.

    images (4)

    The latest US Census data from 2010 and released in 2011 indicates that 108,592,000 Americans, 35.4%, received benefits from one or more means-tested government program, or “welfare.” We have a national unemployment rate of 6.1%, and that rate only counts unemployment claims filed and does not include the chronically unemployed, or those who are no longer eligible to collect benefits but are still unemployed, or those who are underemployed (meaning they have part time employment but are still unable to support themselves). These are the people most at risk for bringing in unwanted pets and this is where the battle must begin in the form of helping all to become responsible citizens, not vilifying some.


    Mandatory Spay and Neuter Laws will only work if they are “funded,” meaning that spaying and neutering are free for the low income pet owners and low cost for those who might be able to afford some co-payment. Yes, it costs money to achieve the goals touted by its proponents, but most seem to be unwilling to “pay for it” because of a narrow minded view that “If they can’t afford it they shouldn’t have pets, Nanner, Nanner, Ninner, Ninner!” How is that working for you?


    These pet owners are all part of the equation, and you cannot ignore their existence and their role in the problem. If our goals are pure, we will help them in order to help all…


  • Cornelius saved my life!

    Well, at least Cornelius thinks so!
    Because of the California drought, we can only water two days a week. Our watering days are Sunday and Wednesday. I did not want to miss the opportunity so I went to check on plants and such in the front yard, guarded closely by my 17 pound Maine Coon, Cornelius.
    100_0324-752x1024 - Copy (2)
    I live in a friendly neighborhood and on a Sunday evening there are usually several people out walking, either by themselves, as a couple, or with a dog. This night was no exception, and as Cornelius and I headed down the driveway, we waved to a neighbor walking her dog across the street. I headed for the front as Klaus took up his guard position in the driveway, about 10 feet from the sidewalk.
    Two other neighbors came by walking their Brittany spaniel and we exchanged niceties. Then they hesitate because their dog has spotted Cornelius, still lying nonchalantly in the driveway looking rather bored.
    “Okay Rebel, be nice…” one of the men said as they both turn to look at me.
    “Don’t worry about Cornelius” I said. “He knows how to take care of himself…” I was more worried about Rebel.
    They took a few steps forward and Rebel was practically choking on the leash wanting to check Cornelius out. I do not think Rebel wanted to hurt Cornelius; this was probably the first cat that did not run away from him immediately when spotted, so this was a curiosity, not only to him but to his owners. The gentleman holding the leash stepped a little closer to the driveway to let Rebel get a little closer to the cat, which they were sure would run, but as the excited Rebel got closer to Cornelius, Cornelius suddenly got up and yowled very loud, he arched his back and stood sideways, His fur rising and his huge fluffy tail curled back in an arch also so he almost looked twice as big as a 17 pound Maine Coon can. He rushed the startled dog, sending him running down the street, dragging the man holding the leash with him. The other man was laughing uncontrollably as he ran down the street after his friend. Cornelius stopped at the end of the driveway as poor Rebel could not get away fast enough and his people could not stop laughing… Poor Rebel!
    Cornelius was very proud to have done his duty. No dog was going to get past him and hurt his family!!
    Cornelius got a special treat that night for his heroism; saving me from that horrible doggie and those awful men!
    DSCN0514 - Copy