Life Without Stalkers

I have managed to ignore my stalker for over a year now… How liberating that is! All I had to do was ignore her, or anything she posted, by just not looking. After everything I have been through, this was a relief. None of that was important anymore. Who would have thunk it’d be so easy. I just do not care anymore.

I knew the posts were all lies, my stalker has perfected lying over her stalking years; lies that would leave me bristling angrily, and then retaliating. Why? Why did I bother? The two other people that read the posts were already biased, so who cares?

What could she say or do that was worse than the loss of my parents? What could be worse than feeling alone… I have no siblings to share my sorrow with, but I have learned that I am not alone, for I have the support of great friends and family that support me, holding me up with their love.

I am blessed.