Trying To Get Things Together

I broke my right shoulder just as my left one was healing… Am I setting myself up?

On the bright side, I ordered an electric contractor to check out the wiring in my parents house, it has been messed up from the beginning, and I also ordered a new garage door to be installed. The current garage door is on its last days, and there is no way to fix it, though I know my son has tried! He has spent too much money to get it fixed! It’s time to give up and get a new one.

I might even start probate… I will need to hire a probate attorney that can do it all for me… It should not cost a lot, I am an only child and no one will contest the Will, but I still question why I need probate for such a a simple thing! My parents did not have a huge estate, less than $500,000, so it should be no big deal… I suspect this probate stuff was added to make money for those who have no business interfering with family. I pay all the bills and the property tax for the house, and currently my children live there. Why does the law have to make things so difficult?