My dad died, unexpectedly, in October 2016. He had a massive stroke. My mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer in April of 2016 and was given four to six weeks to live. She fooled them all, being the strong woman she was, but passed away in September of 2017. I have had the strangest nightmares…
My dad is driving our 1969 Chevy Van, with my mother sitting in the passenger seat. I am sitting in the back, like I did as a child when we’d go camping, which we did almost every weekend. I am an only child.

Getting ready to go camping.

This time, however, I was an adult, and my current cat, Samantha, was with me. Dad would take a corner, a bit too fast, the side door would open, and Samantha and I would go flying out. Mom and dad never came to look for me, and when I would spot the van in traffic, it would disappear.

I desperately tried to find them, getting rides from a myriad of kind strangers, from several different ethnic backgrounds, but I could not find them, growing desperate in my search.

I have now spent several days trying to analyse the dream… What seems obvious is that my beloved parents are sending me a message. They are telling me that it is not my time to join them, and I need to move forward.

There is also hope in that message; they are telling me that they are still watching over me, and that they love me.