Dealing With Cancer XXXIII

09/05/2016~ I have been bad… In June I posted to Facebook that Jim was in remission, but for reasons I do not understand, I did not post it here.

The Petscan showed that the cancer in his lymph nodes, liver, and spleen no longer posed a threat, but was it gone? The answer was that Jim had to be tested every three months. I get all my answers from Jim because I do not want to create more stress for him, understanding very well the need that we “only children” have for control over our own lives.

It is not that he does not want me involved, for he really does, and tries to share everything with me, but the information I get is subject to his interpretations. This drives me crazy, but I try to remain positive and uplifting.

How is he doing? Well, I am not sure. He easily spends 20 hours of a 24 hour day in bed. He has no energy to inspire him. I have been sidelined with diabetic wounds on both ankles, complicated by MRSA, which I got during treatment the last time, when I got a spider bite. Jim has had to take over shopping duties because I cannot drive without immense pain. He also drives me to my weekly appointment. This seems to have done him good because it gives him purpose, but I can see this slowly fading.

Jim has his first three-month appointment on September 23rd. We have no choice but to take things day by day.