Dealing With Cancer XXXII

This waiting is unbearable!


Yes, we are playing the waiting game! Jim was given “a month off” after his chemotherapy course ended.

We were happy because Jim needed a break. What were we thinking? Jim has his next super-duper scan on Tuesday, June 14th in Roseville, then he sees his doctor on Monday, June 20th. Until then, we have no idea if the chemotherapy worked, or what plan B might be.

Jim has spent the last month sleeping most of the time, a sign that deep depression is setting in. He gets up to eat several times a day, when he has an appetite, but sometimes he will go 18 to 24 hours without eating. He says he is just not hungry. I talked him into weighing himself… He now weighs 156 pounds. Am I scared, you ask? Do wild bears $hit in the woods? Here is the proof.


I try so hard to keep things positive and Jim hasn’t completely given up hope, but there is not a day that goes by that he does not say, “I’m dying.”

So here we are, waiting!


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too long to wait