Dealing With Cancer XXVII

We got great news! The last CT scan shows that his cancer had gone down significantly and the doctor felt that after a few more Chemotherapy treatments, he could go into remission!!!

The doctor had shown him side by side comparisons of the first CT Scan taken in December and the one taken last week. When Jim got home, he drew me a picture to show what he saw and what the doctor told him. The cancer on his spleen and liver had shrunk to about 1/3 rd of it’s original size. We would have been even more excited had we known he had cancer on his liver and his spleen. It was a little like getting bad news at the same time… Things were still worse than we had thought before, but the good news is that remission is around the corner!

Jim had Chemotherapy for six hours on Monday and today he had one hour and he will have another hour again tomorrow. Jim let me take pictures of his chest today. They leave the tubing plugged into the “port” he had surgically implanted into his chest just for the Chemotherapy. Tomorrow the tubing will be gone and he will just have a ping pong ball size lump there. On the other side of his chest, he has his Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD).




This last one is not his chest, but I love this picture!!