Dealing With Cancer XVIII

02/22/2016~ Jim wanted to enjoy the sun today, so he took a ride with me as I went to the Kaiser Pharmacy at Point West and the grocery store. We were on an adventure! The day was pleasant, the sun was warm, and we marveled at how fun retirement would be once we got over this cancer hurdle.

We stopped at McDonald’s along the way so Jim could satisfy his craving for a Big Mac and small fries. He sat in the car and ate while I went into the pharmacy. When I came out it was time for the store, Jim had been writing a grocery list while I was gone. We got to the grocery store and I walked around the back of the car to the other side. Jim had retrieved the reusable grocery bags from the back seat and he was holding on to the car with one hand.

“I just got a little light headed for a moment,” Jim said, responding to my look of concern.

“Are you up for this?” I asked giving him an ‘out’ if he needed it.

“Yes,” he replied with determination in his voice.

We got home with our groceries and I told Jim to go rest. He was completely drained, but he insisted on getting the groceries out of the back of our Forester and setting them on the back porch. We have been parking the car in the back, inside the gate, and it was only three steps from the porch.

He let me take two pictures tonight!!


DSC00681 - Copy

He is just as handsome as he was the day I met him!!