Dealing With Cancer XIX

02/23/2016~ Once or twice a year, for the last several years, Jim has gotten together with a group from an old unit to have lunch together. Jim had never missed one of these lunches until the last one they had, Jim was in the hospital. They called a another lunch for Tuesday, 02/24/2016 and Jim wanted to go. They always meet at El Novillero, which is only two miles from our house, and I felt confident he could do this alone.

He did not really ask to do it alone, but he seemed grateful when I told him to have fun! Most of the time he seems so needy, and I am happy to be needed, but there are some things he needs to do on his own, without me. I will not intrude, though he would never call it an intrusion…

He was so happy when he came home. It seems they had called this lunch especially for him, and bought him his lunch. He was so excited he even celebrated with an O’Doul’s!

THIS is what life is all about!