Dealing With Cancer XI

02/06/2016~ It is Saturday… No appointments means today was a relaxing day.


I went grocery shopping early so I could relax also. The day called for napping and healing. Jim had Chemotherapy on Friday, and one the drugs makes him a little hyper (major understatement), so it was hard for Jim to sit, but when he tried to do something he got very winded. ADD is hard when you are sick.

02/07/2016~ It’s Superbowl Sunday and we had a party!


There were only four of us at this party, Jim and I plus our two cats, and a good time was had by all. We were all rooting for the same side… The WINNERS side, of course!

gettyimages-505428152-e1454873253204 - Copy

Jim has two more sessions of chemo on Monday and Tuesday, and then he has appointment after appointment after appointment after appointment… You get the picture!