Dealing With Cancer XVI

2/15/2016~ Day six of the rest period between chemo cycles.


We fully expect Jim to be able to wash the car again very soon, but right now he is too weak. He has to stop and catch his breath just going to the bathroom, and herein lies his frustration. He wants to get back to normal RIGHT NOW, and how can I blame him.

The edema in his legs and right arm have subsided thanks to the diuretic, but his left arm and hand remains swollen. He is trying hard to concentrate on the need to “treat” his left arm and hand by keeping it up. This way he can “justify” resting and healing.

He is going crazy… my poor ADD hubby is finding it harder than ever to accept that he needs the rest and he needs to heal. The fact is, he does not have the strength to do anything else and that frustrates him more than anything.

Do you remember that I mentioned he was sleeping in the easy chair in the living room? He is sill afraid to lay in bed because he might lose his breath… imagine for a moment feeling like you are choking and cannot breathe. When his red blood cell count gets low, this is how he feels, and that is one of the side effects of chemo. There is no place for me to sleep downstairs… I think he feels lonely by himself.