Dealing With Cancer XIII


02/12/2016~ We got very good news yesterday from his oncologist.

The good doctor said that his liver is looking very good and his kidneys are kicking in by themselves. With most of the complications out of the way, they will be able to aggressively attack his cancer now and get him cured!

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Of course, that means more Chemotherapy. Jim’s last Chemotherapy cycle started Friday, February 5 and this is his third cycle. This was an odd cycle because they usually do them three days in a row, but because of complications, they could not start until his ‘port’ was implanted. That was done on Thursday, 02/04/2016, and they did not want to wait on the chemo, so he had the first day on Friday, 02/05/2016, then again Monday (02/08), and Tuesday (02/09).


There are definitely side effects with Chemotherapy. Here are the ones they tell you about…


Here are some more that I compiled…


There are more side effects that I observed… They may, or may not be, exclusive to Jim.

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