Dealing With Cancer IX

02/04/2016~Jim is so glad to finally be home, it’s been a long day.

Jim had a morning appointment to insert an Implantable Venous Access Port for his chemo therapy, but they called at 6:00 am to cancel it then they rescheduled him for 3:00 pm. Poor guy had been fasting all night and now he had to continue fasting. Is that fair to do to a diabetic?

Jim is impatient so we get there early, hoping that he can get out of there faster. For some reason they insist you come in an hour early to register through Admissions for the procedure; 15 minutes after getting there we were registered. Now we have an hour and 15 minute wait after getting to Kaiser Radiology: it was 1:45 pm. At 2:30 they call him back for the hour long procedure and we were both ecstatic. Jim had convinced me that he deserved a treat, I finally agreed to stop at Jimboy’s on our way home. He was right, he had followed the program and had done everything they had ordered him to do, why not let him have what his heart desires this once. It’s the little things in life that make us happy.

We expected he would be out by 3:30 pm for this hour long procedure. At 4:15 pm, I was starting to get worried but then a nurse came out to call my name, I started to get up but she waved me down and came to me. She told me that with the edema, they were having a hard time finding a vein to put the IV into him to put him out for surgery. They finally decided to do the surgery under local anesthesia and he was ready on the table at 4:00 pm. Now they were waiting for the doctor. It would be at least another hour. Finally at 5:30 pm, they called me back to help him get dressed.

I was expecting Jim to be upset or miffed, but to the contrary, he was being treated like a member of the family. He told me later that one of the technicians working on him happened to be a high school friend. They chatted and caught up while trying to find a vein, and because of this friendship, the other nurses and technicians quickly started treating him like one of theirs. He was all smiles when he got out… Sometimes it’s the little things that make life tolerable.

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Summers are spent relaxing in the hammock chairs…