Dealing With Cancer

01/20/2016~ Here I sit, feeling alone in a fog. I can’t even begin to imagine what Jim is going through.
This all started with a stomach ache in October. Jim said it felt like pressure and he was sure his ulcers were acting up and he finally called the doctor in November. Then it was test after test, ultra-sounds, ct scans, blood tests, and finally a liver biopsy. On December 13, the doctor sent my hubby an email advising him that he had B-cell cancer (lymphoma) in his lymph nodes.
He saw his oncologist on Wednesday, December 16th and was put in the hospital on December 17th, his kidneys had failed. He was released on December 23 and sent home to start dialysis in a clinic. He now has dialysis 3 times a week and has had two rounds of chemo therapy. He is due to start the next round of chemo on Tuesday, 01/26/2016…
He was unresponsive in dialysis, they called an ambulance, he was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center and is now in intensive care. Our only car was with him today so I will take a taxi to the clinic tomorrow and hopefully find it there. Then I can go see him.
I got the first call at about 3:00 pm, the second call advised me he was in the UC Davis Emergency room and that he was doing good and responding, but that they were going to admit him. At a little after 10:00 pm I finally managed to get through to the nurses station in ICU Tower six. The gentleman told me they were finally bringing him up from ER and just got him into his bed. He asked if I could call back later. I asked the gentleman to please tell him that I called.
I am waiting for later but I am now in a quandary. He has been in the ER for seven miserable hours and I know all he wants to do is sleep. He now knows I called, as he has been informed so he can relax… I know him well enough to know that has been central to his thoughts… Oh how I love him…