Dealing with Cancer VI

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Jim and I went to the Sacramento Rivercats game when Hunter Pence was rehabbing…
01/28/2016~ One day at a time.
His kidneys have kicked in we are told, yet his hands are still swollen, especially the right hand and arm that began to swell in the hospital. He cannot use it and must eat and drink with his left arm and hand.

He has a little more energy than he did yesterday, feeling like crap, he continues to “live” in the easy chair in the front room.

“I wonder if this is the best I will get…” Jim laments.

“No,” I respond. “You were sent home to continue healing, and I already see an improvement.”

We both know that the right hand and arm are not getting better but worse. He will not call anyone, choosing instead to wait for his doctor’s appointment on Monday with his regular doctor. They set up and appointment with his regular doctor last time also.

“What are you doing here?” Jim’s doctor asked him when he saw him.

“Doing what I’m told doc,” Jim replied. “The hospital staff set this appointment up, not me.”

I am driving him for the next appointments (he cannot drive), so I might have to go in with him… I will take the discharge papers with us and show him that he is supposed to be Jim’s main contact as he is his personal physician. Then I will refuse to leave until he addresses the right hand and arm. This is not a game, it is my husbands life… Don’t mess with me!