Dealing with Cancer IV

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01/24/2016~ What a difference a day can make!
I walked up to the door of his intensive care room and took a deep breath before opening it. I stepped in and stared at an empty bed, before I could react I saw movement, and there he was, sitting up in a chair with those sparkling blue eyes that I first fell in love with, smiling in greeting. He was far from out of the woods, but he was in much better spirits today.

His chest hurt because of the CPR. They think he might have a couple of broken or cracked ribs, but what can one expect after going into cardiac arrest three times and actually dying twice.

His Cardiologist came in while I was there and told us about his heart problem. They were completely baffled by what was causing these heart attacks, or “episodes,” as they called them. Jim’s arteries were clear, all the tests show no problems, yet he continues to have “episodes” when he is hooked up for dialysis.

He advised us to talk and do some planning. The prognosis is not good because he has an infection that they don’t understand, but he reminded us that the cancer is in his lymph nodes and that has compromised his immune system. They are trying to stabilize his heart and are pumping him full of antibiotics to combat the infection so he can start cancer treatment again (chemo).

“I’m not going to make it,” Jim said when the doctor left. I really like this doctor and so does Jim; he is an honest man.

“We are going to pull through this,” I responded. “You know that attitude is half the battle, and we both have a lot of attitude!”