Luckiest Woman in the World

I had a strange day today… My hubby was going out of his way to impress me in any way he could, of course, he was celebrating his love with shots of tequila, and he got sillier and sillier.

I was not in one of those moods. I was in one of those horrible moods where I sat there on the bench faithfully and lovingly, while he played one song after another “just for me,” the same songs we had just heard and wondering what the hell was I thinking?

He sat on the bench, and put his arm around me, singing along with the love songs like, “She Hates Me,” by Puddle of Mud, or “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant and doing hand movements that must look very extravagant in his mind… but… By the time we get to “Badfish” by Sublime, I finally tell him I must go inside and refresh my drink, and he releases his Ninja grip and I go inside.

I take a deep breath and look out the back window… Hubby had stood up to help me up and he was still standing when I looked out the kitchen window; the bench was situated with its back to the kitchen window. My cold heart started to melt. I mixed my drink and kept looking out the window. I could see his head bobbing to the music as he patiently waited for me to come back out. Wait! My husband does nothing patiently… yet there he was.

This is why I love this man and why he amazes me every day. I know there are days when he looks at me in the same way I did for a moment, but in the end, as I look out the window at him, my heart melts. There stands the man that I will always love and I go back out with my drink to give him a loving hug. The joy and merriment in his eyes sends my heart soaring. This is what love is all about!

Oh, and I think I am the luckiest woman in the world…