Understanding Blogs

I need to clarify a few things about my blogs.

  • These blogs are my opinion, and mine alone. I do not speak for anyone but myself.
  • If I make an assertion that I believe to be true, I will show the source for my opinion so you know where and how I reached the conclusion I reached.
  • Even then, my opinions are not “Gospel” and are subject to change.
  • I do not always want to be right, so if you have information to prove me wrong then I will be the first one to admit my mistake.
  • I will not back down when I am attacked and I will not resort to name calling, lies or disparaging posts and pages with disgusting names. I refuse to degrade myself that way.
  • I will, more than likely, write a blog. I try to wait until the “fires of rage” have decreased (insert smiley face here), but that is not a promise I can swear to keep. I am, after all, human.
  • If anyone is offended by a blog, I encourage them to contact me. They know how…