Trying to Justify Your Existence?

I have been offline a lot these days, my new book is almost finished and I have been on an inspired roll. I still check in occasionally to see what’s shaking, and my friends keep me up to speed with my nemesis by sending me screenshots of their latest post, and I could not resist commenting on this one.
How sad is it that this individual has to make things up to make herself feel better. I have not lost any animal rescue friends, in fact, through her hateful demeanor, I have gained several. I left the group she is talking about, the group that I was always an outsider in because I came in after the fact… they were dealing with a past that had nothing to do with me and I tried to be supportive, but I really wanted nothing to do with that past, trying to drag a few into the future, but my efforts were misunderstood by one, and I no longer wanted to be part of game, but I never stopped loving them all.
So, you are saying that someone in my “clique” kept telling me how upsetting my evil behavior was to her?

You are a bold faced liar.
You have yet to show one post to prove your allegation about me being evil. I have asked you this for over a year, and the only thing you can produce is the fact that I liked a page when I got the email notification that said “A friend wants you to like their page.” I “Unliked” the page when I learned what it was about. I left a comment on the page saying that I could not support a page attacking someone’s child, but, the comment was not good enough for someone determined to hate me. I should have crucified my friends instead.