Pathological Liars Will Never Change

So, there is a Facebook page that has admitted it was set up to disparage me because I wrote a blog that included pictures taken from a Facebook page called I Hate Cats that purported to be a picture of my stalker, an admitted cat hater and suspected killer. It was a picture from a Psycho Dating sight, and was obviously a case of mistaken identity; that is why I posted the picture of the post.

My stalker went ballistic, She was on a 30 day ban so she used one of her other identities to post from a page called Marcus Stanley Morrisey, that uses a picture of Joaquin Phoenix as a profile picture, and started accusing me of posting His Sister’s picture on the blog that included her address and occupation.

Here is the Original post that was again shared by the page set up to disparage me, It has been deleted from the blog, but first, this is the page pretending to be righteous:
exposingcrusty - Copy
***DISCLAIMER; While this page has set standards that do not allow for the posting of addresses or phone numbers, since this is a case of mistaken identity, the point is mute.***
msm10 - Copy
Yet, here His Sister posted the same link long before I even knew her…
noooonotcalifornia! - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy
Dear Marcus goes off the deep end…
1meet you in hell - Copy
I don’t know, but does that sound like a man to you?
FYI… there are actually two Psycho Daring Profiles for this person. I will not post them here, but you are welcome to look them up. One is under Karla Coontz and the other is Karla Koontz.