Fake profiles

What do you think about a person who belongs to the same group you do and immediately attacks you and you have no idea who it is? This person starts accusing you of being this person or that person, saying you use fake profiles and have set up multiple hate pages, and then when you finally react, they block you and call you a nut job.
There is not much you can do with such a person, so you ignore her. Then she comes onto another thread in the group under a different profile that she calls her “back-up” profile and starts up again, this time accusing you of being someone else entirely and being behind this page and that page. Suddenly you are getting attacked from many others on the page because they believe her accusations about you having all these fake profiles and they do not notice that she is doing this under a fake profile; the same thing she accused you of doing.
When she loses the debate, because she is making false accusation, she resorts to slander and name calling. Slander is after all, the last refuge of the loser. Then, she goes behind your back on her real profile, the one where you are blocked, and makes snide rude comments behind your back on the same thread, yet her defenders call me toxic.
Not everyone is a big fan of hers, because I was sent screenshots of her backstabbing comments that I could not see.
backstabber - Copy
This is how she deals with not having an intelligent contribution to a conversation…
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couldyougetruder - Copy
PS… I have two children and a gorgeous granddaughter…
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Who is the troll?