Experiment update

It did not take long for the fish to bite… but, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my first prediction was wrong… so far… I had predicted that this post would be deleted and I would be banned. Here is what happened instead:
experiment - Copy
As you can see, this person leaves a rather weak response when I ask why all the pages on their likes list are all my stalker’s pages, and she says the same reason she likes all of her stalkers pages? So, is she saying she is being stalked by the same people that stalk and harass me?

Then the next two comments are from pages that stalk me mercilessly. The title of one alone shows the depravity of this person, and she expects anyone who sees that to take her seriously? The only ones that even pay attention are her other pages.

Here is the original “Experiment” for reference…

I have learned of a page that my stalker admins that appears to be all about being the victim of a cyber-stalker/harasser/troll. Excuse me while I puke…
I just made a comment on this page, and you know damn well she will delete it and ban me because she does not want her audience on that page to realize who she really is.

The best part is, this person is the biggest cyber-criminal on Facebook, and she doesn’t even see it. I think this page now kicks her over the 50 page mark, and she brags about what an expert page administrator she is.

Quite frankly, she is Facebook’s biggest joke!