Update On My UK Adventures

I have decided not to block out the names and profile pictures of people leaving the comments because the innocent do not need protecting…

I stumbled on to a group of pro-hunters from the UK and asked to join the group because they were leveling an attack on some of my friends and I wanted to see why and what made them tick. As I said in the previous blog, I got a lukewarm welcome at first; I’m sure that is because they do not know me and the automatic first reaction is that I am an anti-hunter or a sab (saboteur). Since then, several have reached out and been very cordial to me, but not all.
This is the post that I reacted to:


Needless to say, all the comments were nothing but insults about looks and such, so my very first post was this:


One of the ladies in the original post was also a member of this group and she was very upset by it. We went back and forth with other members trying to explain to why this post was even created… we knew the origin, but it is very hard to explain a complicated sequence of events in 5 second sound bites, which appears to be attention span of most people on Facebook. They were coming at us from all sides, and we would lose track of who asked what… It was actually kind of comical in a way… but (there is always a but), we learned no one over there actually read our posts entirely… They read a few words and were already formulating a response. So much for communication.

Well, we were not doing so well so my friend left the conversation and the group. I saw hope in a few people and stuck around… Then this thing came along… It immediately assumed that just because the ladies in the post were my friends, I must be just like them and all of their pages were my pages. I will not refer to it as a woman because she is the anti-thesis for what a real woman is; an anal retentive misfit. Those who know me know I do not say this lightly…


I wonder who she thinks I am… Please see my previous blog to see more of her posts previously… http://afewofmyfavoritethings.info/2015/03/they-need-a-new-welcoming-committee/


Guess what? She has made a few more comments after those, as have some others… I have never interacted with these people in in way, shape or form, yet they judge me based on some of my friends…

Failed writer?

1book - Copy

1book1 - Copy

I could set her up so easy right here… She has no clue who I am or who my co-author is… Every hunter in the USA would tear her a new… Doesn’t she deserve it for being a horse’s…?

Here is more from the whole gang…



That is not my page!!!!!!!!!! See how they operate? If they have to stoop so low to judge someone based solely on who they know to be their friend, or assume in this case, then they have the analytical skills of a worm.

I sure wish they would quit Pissing Themselves Laughing (PMSL) Gross!