They Need A New Welcoming Committee

I joined a new group on Facebook. Someone had posted a meme on this group page that unfairly disparaged some friends by attacking their looks, which in itself is juvenile, but some of the comments on the page convinced me that some of the people were just normal people and I thought it would be interesting to share opinions and a chance to get to know hunters from the UK.

They really need to get a new welcoming committee.

I got a lukewarm but respectful welcome at first; these were people I had never interacted with. Then came this woman:

robin - Copy

To say I was stunned would be a huge understatement. Those two comments above represent the first time that I ever heard of the person leaving them. She came out of no where and blindsided me. It appears, judging by the reference to “Carol,” that she thinks I am this Carol person. Poor Carol. She doesn’t stop there…

robind - Copy

Bad language? She was responding to this statement:


I think I will let her words speak for themselves… Remember, I have no idea who this individual is and have never interacted with her in any way prior to this meeting.

robinncc1 - Copy

robind3 - Copy


Pretty clever for someone who has no idea who I am…

robind1 - Copy

robind4 - Copy

robind5 - Copy


robind8 - Copy

robind93 - Copy

I can only call it like I see it… Do you see how low this this person will stoop? Then others jump on board… NONE OF THEM KNOW ANY THING ABOUT ME!!!

robind94 - Copy - Copy


robindcc - Copy - Copy

robindcc1 - Copy

A real genius here… She is in the UK… I am in California… Is this Rocket Science?

This last one just plain pissed me off…

robind92 - Copy

There is no excuse for this kind of hateful behavior from someone who does not know me at all. This poor excuse for a human has again proven that some people are just too vile to deal with…