The Enlightened Ones

The fight between the Anti-hunters and Pro-hunters continues and appears to get worse daily. Such things as decorum, civility, common courtesy and tolerance seem to have been forgotten; from both sides.
My animal loving friends have hearts of gold. They are the voice for those who have no voice, and will defend any animal against the cruel injustices inflicted upon them. Being the voice has cost them dearly by subjecting them to cruel insults and abuse from those who do not agree with them. This lead to cyber-harassment and being cyber-stalked. This changed them.
My beautiful enlightened animal loving friends have changed. They are no longer the peace loving animal caretakers they used to be, but I do not think they see it. They started out seeing atrocities and decided to stand up against it; many becoming vegans in their personal quest to make a difference, but somewhere along the way our good intentions were hijacked by others with more extremist views and turned us all into the same intolerant bigots we hate.


“Hunters are all serial killers.”
“Hunters all have little dicks.”
“The bigger the gun, the smaller the dick.”
“Hunters are all pedophiles.”
“Animal Activists are all pedophiles.”
“Animal Activists endorse the raping of children.”
“Animal Activists are all criminals and domestic terrorists.”
“Animal Activists are _____________.” (Fill in the blank)
“If you are not vegan, you can’t speak for animals.”

Every one of the statements above is considered bigoted, intolerant, sanctimonious, dogmatic or all of these.

So, let me ask you… How many animals have we helped?