Why Can’t We Just All Do the Hokey Pokey

We hoped if we spoke up then others would agree
If they just stopped to look, we knew they’d see

The torture inflicted upon those with no voice
The innocents with no rights, those with no choice

But our voices and words, they fell on deaf ears
They were blind to our writing too it appears.

Enraged by the pictures and the comments we saw
Thrown in our face was for some the last straw

Some lost their cool, started throwing insults back
It didn’t take long before we were all under attack.

So now here we are, and what have we done?
Did our intolerance, anger and hate save anyone?

We’re speaking for those who could not themselves
I wonder if we’re really trying to appease ourselves.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for me
Things I never knew existed, never wanted to see

Images splashed before my eyes with all its gory detail
And I cry for each victim that we have obviously failed.

I cry to honor their life, I cry to honor them in death
I will do so all my life, until I take my final breath.

Should I expect everyone I like to be just like me?
Should I devalue their friendship in full hypocrisy?

Who am I to think that I am superior to the others?
That somehow I am better than my sisters and brothers.

Do I refuse to tolerate those who do not think like me?
Do I disparage their views for the entire world to see?

Do I let my anger and disgust cloud my broken heart?
Do I lash out in hate and then from myself depart?

Do I ignore the core values that I hold to high esteem?
Do I forget who I am; could I go to that extreme?