The Pathetic Wolfskins

The Wolfskins have been desperately trying to humiliate, discredit and vilify me, opening page after pitiable page for over a year now. The main culprit we all know as a cabbage patch doll who has several profiles on Facebook, but is currently known to us as Karla Coontz. Karla posted this:
noooonotcalifornia! - Copy (2) - Copy
She never denied the picture was of her, but she conveniently only posted the Psycho Dating profile of “Karla Koontz” and not the real one, Karla Coontz which has the same picture.
I mistakenly thought this individual had some intelligence, but have sadly learned that I have given this person much more credit than deserved. Look what was posted while I was enjoying my Thanksgiving and birthday with my son in Kauai, Hawaii, The beautiful Garden Island…
herallalong - Copy
Here are all the pages also run by the cabbage patch doll that shared the post.



Did she think we didn’t know?