When Opinions Collide

I have noticed that on Facebook, almost everyone has a strong opinion. Problems arise when we mistake those opinions for facts.

Unless you are from another planet, the human beings on this planet descended from apes (not to be confused with monkeys), or more accurately, we shared a common ancestor with apes (hominids). It is believed our genus, Homo, split from other hominids about 4 to 8 million years ago. We are Homo sapiens sapiens, and the last survivors of the genus Homo (Homo is Latin for human and sapiens is Latin for wise).

Many hominids are known to be aggressive, violent, volatile and even killers and some researchers believe this is why our subspecies, Homo sapiens quickly rose to the top and the other subspecies are now extinct. We were the most aggressive ones and our human evolution was made possible because of this very trait. We became proto-man which later gave rise to the hunter gatherer because we were the meanest bully on the block. We are fortunate however that a few of these ancestors were pacifists.

This goes a long way in explaining all the violence in our society and also explaining hunters. Up until very recently, hunters were revered and celebrated and no matter what your opinion on hunting is today, it is still a 67 billion dollar industry which generates $25 billion in retail sales, $17 billion in salaries and wages, and employs 575,000 Americans, creating sales tax, state income tax and federal income tax revenues for government agencies and the people they serve. This is not chump change!

It is time to get to the point of this statement…

What the hunters and anti-hunters throw at each other are opinions which they sometimes try to disguised as fact. Just because you vehemently disapprove of hunting does not mean that all hunters are bad; that is your opinion, not fact, and the same goes for hunters who continue to rant that all animal advocates are terrorists or pediophiles.

Whether toward animal or human, Homo sapiens sapiens are ALL the same aggressive and violent species we have always been, and a few of the 43 million hunters in the United States have used social media to post their diatribe, horrid pictures of them with their kills and try to advance their agenda and force their opinions down our throats. It seems, however that they are an embarrassment to many of their hunting brethren.

Many Homo sapiens sapiens that are animal rights advocates have gone vegan. Many are of the opinion that hunting is evil and because of this they refer to hunters as sub-human and endorse their killing, either outright or in the form of an “accident” (when they rejoice). The killer hominid is strong in these folks too and there is little difference between hunters that will kill animals and the animal advocates that endorse killing hunters.

Would not our time be better spent trying to find common ground instead of looking for ways to kill each other? The problem is, just like our ancestors, our aggressive hateful traits will continue to pit man against man… and lead to our demise.