The Tale of the “Second Envelope”

On Saturday, January 18, 2014, my husband hands me two items from the mail slot. My house has a mail slot by the front door and when mail is deposited into the slot, it goes directly into my house and is retrieved from inside. These are the items I received that day:
2014-01-18 003 - Copy
As you can see, the first envelope has cancellation marks from Fresno, California. The second envelope has no cancellation marks which means someone actually placed this envelope into my mailbox. Who, would have placed this threatening letter into my mailbox; a neighbor? I was stumped and frightened at the same time!
I looked the envelope over and decided to send an email inquiry to the person who appeared in the “return address” field; a gentleman who happens to be a respected UCLA researcher. I sent him a copy of the envelope and the correspondence contained within. I explained how I came to be in possession of this envelope, the fact that it had not been canceled, and how my address was obviously taped over the original address on the envelope. I assured him that I was not accusing him of anything, but wanted to give him a heads-up on how this envelope was used and asked if he had any insight he could share with me. Here is his response:
theenvelopedrsabb - Copy
I had just been introduced to vile cat hater and killer pages via the page that had been set up to harass me; The Terrible Twosome. Their level of depravity was obvious in the horrific pictures posted and praised of tortured and mutilated cats, and then of cat recipes. It was then that I opened a page of my own with the URL “Ihatecatkillers” and the name “Exposing Hate Pages Like The Terrible Twosome, etc.” I suspect that many of those pages were created by the same person or group and one of the main culprits happens to live in Fresno, California. She posted this on the same day I got my mail…
This cabbage patch doll is supposedly a photographer…
Remember the card signed by Julia saying she wanted to see the house she might one day own? Check out the address Clark Images was using at the time I received my mail…
my address - Copy
You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who sent the letters, and the way they have obsessed on those letters, trying to say I sent them to myself, is laughable!
Then there is this: