The Sick Mind of a Stalker

A few months ago a page, who’s administrator claimed to be a victim of stalking and harassment, commented on a petition I had started to address the cyber-crimes so prevalent on Facebook and how Facebook seemed to be enabling the criminals. A couple of other pages also commented on my petition post and I thought it was a great opportunity to share my petition with them all to get more signatures. Man was that a mistake!
Two of the pages shared the petition and I “liked” those pages, but one page went on the attack. It seems that by liking those pages and the fact that some of the signatures on my petition were enemies of theirs, they immediately distrusted me and my petition. The petition was in plain English and three small paragraphs in its entirety, so there was nothing to hide and I went on their page to argue my case, but to no avail… The page immediately mistrusted me, banned me, and went on the attack! I was shocked!
I felt like I was back in elementary school being judged by who I liked, not by who I was, and I posted a few tartly worded responses on my page, and of course my stalker/harasser (who admits to stalking me and watching my pages– the true definition of a stalker/harasser) jumped on the hate and here is a copy of her conversation with the page. I recently found these comments on an email account that I rarely use… (click on the picture to bring up a larger “readable” version).
I feel the need to clarify a few of the assertions my harasser made in these comments.

  • I never posted her background information all over Facebook. SHE bragged about how wonderful Google was and how it made it easy to stalk people. SHE Googled and posted my name, my address, my job, my salary, pictures of my house and then she and others made disparaging remarks about them all. I just paid for someone else to do the exact same thing so I did not have to.
  • This is my web page and it includes a blog. The page was opened long before our falling out, and yes, I did blog about the atrocities you and your cohorts wrote in your efforts to demean me. DUH!
  • I flagged this comment because here she openly admits to “watching” (stalking) me (I don’t need to comment on the horrible grammar because that is apparent to all). The many “bad things” I have said about her have always been in retaliation to something she posted, or made comments in agreement, on any one of the 16 pages set up to harass me. Yes, she and her cohorts have admitted to 16!

The folks that ran the page where these comments are posted and I have ironed out our misunderstanding and I am grateful to have met some incredible animal advocates and great new friends! I have discovered that while my stalker was trying to sell them on her wonderful self, a couple of them were researching her and discovered how outrageous her claims of harassment really were and who the true harasser really was. Sadly, she will never see it…