It is Time for a Group Reality Check

I very distinctly wrote that I CURRENTLY have THREE RESCUED CATS! It would be obvious to anyone with even a shred of education that this is where I am today and is in no way a representation of my rescue credentials. I do want to thank you for the shining example of how a Facebook troll, stalker, and bully uses faked facts and innuendo to discredit the messenger instead of debating the merits of the message or opinion.
This tells me that my opinion is valid, accurate and represents the truth… why else would you be afraid to debate it with me choosing instead to take the low road and stoop to character assassination (the domain of the ignorant)?
I have spent a lifetime volunteering at my local shelter, and donating to my local shelters on a monthly basis from my paycheck while working for the California Franchise Tax Board. I retired in December of 2013.
I joke about being the crazy cat lady, but that’s because I am crazy about my cats, but I have never been a hoarder!
It is time to put an end to the personal attacks and approach this like the two adults we are supposed to be, Randy. We could go tit for tat for months, but to what end? Neither of us will give up… we are both too stubborn.
I shoot straight from the hip and call it like I see it. I can also back up every statement I make with hard cold evidence. I do not resort to innuendos or smoke and mirrors, preferring to stick to facts. Furthermore Randy, I am not an idiot; with an IQ of 178, I am well above the entrance requirements for Mensa, so quit trying to berate me by calling me an idiot.
How good is your sense of humor?
Do you have one?
This is the opinion Randy has a problem with…
There is a very large difference between “animal hoarders” and “rescue hoarders.” The proverbial “crazy cat lady” is an animal hoarder, and probably has mental issues due to upbringing or age.

APATHY helped to create the “rescue hoarder.” Yes, a small percentage of these hoarders might be criminal and not worthy of defense, but the larger majority are overwhelmed people who love animals and have committed their lives to saving them anyway they can.

Successful rescuers who live in No Kill communities work closely together to ensure that no animals are killed simply because they are homeless and very few hoarding cases can be found there (although there are always exceptions). They have funding, volunteers, and networks of people and organizations dedicated to helping animals and educating the public because without public support they can’t do it.

“Hoarders” are found in those communities where animal activist are convinced that No Kill is “slow kill,” a term disgracefully coined by PeTA and spread throughout communities with high kill shelters by these so called animal activists. This places the rescuer under constant pressure to save all the animals they can with very little help from anyone. When you have dedicated your heart and soul to animal rescue, how do you turn down “just one more” when you know the animal will be killed if you don’t take it?

It is those self-proclaimed animal activist who hate No Kill because they hate Nathan Winograd, along with those who are foolish enough to support PeTA and their “slow kill agenda,” that are to blame for creating the rescue hoarders, not the animal lover who believes ALL LIFE MATTERS!