Do I know you Jacqueline Ross?

So, I go online this morning and a friend alerted me to this post on the No Kill Nation Discussion page. This is an open group page, but, only members are allowed to comment, so I will comment in my blog.
My first reaction was incredulity, which quickly grew to anger… You should have seen the first draft of this blog, but I have now calmed down a bit and plan to respond accordingly.
jacquelineross - Copy
Dear Jacqueline Ross,
I do not know you and you certainly do not know me. How is that you pretend to be so well informed? It seems your main source of information is Randy DeCarlo who does not know me at all, but that has never stopped him from fabricating lies and then spreading his lies in his posts to further his own hateful agenda. When you hang on his every word, Jacqueline, he will lead you down the path of deceitful, divisive hate; or maybe you were already there. It seems hate is all he is capable of, and from what I have observed, you are a willing participant in his delusions; sharing his opinions as if they were the gospel truth without an independent thought of your own.

“Don’t you think these idiots would do something positive with their lives instead of following and hanging on DD’s every word???”
Jacqueline, that is a two part question, so, I will start by correcting your assumptions about my No Kill Advocacy. I have never followed either No Kill Nation with Debbie Day, or the No Kill Advocacy Center with Nathan Winograd, but I am a No Kill Advocate, absolutely believing every life matters. The moral here is: Don’t believe everything Randy tells you… he does not know me and it makes you look stupid.
The first part of that question actually speaks volumes about you. You prefer to be antagonistic and confrontational leaving no time for such silly things as the truth. Let me ask you this Jacqueline, what do you really know about me and my life? The bigger question is what do you really know about life? Are you aware that in this world of 7 billion plus people, animal advocacy is but a blip on the radar in most people’s lives and that half of those people are hunters or animal testers who hate activists? I would admire those advocates whose life was perfect in every other way but for the animals. I can’t however, because they are living a life of delusions.
I am trying very hard not to attack you Jacqueline, not wanting to stoop to that level, but, I will speak up for myself and retaliate when I have been maligned, defamed and slandered.
Here is some of my story;
I was asked to befriend an individual as a favor to another friend. I soon regretted that move– learning my new “friend” was pro-hunting, pro animal testing, supports the fur industry and the Amish puppy mills– and had a falling out with said “friend” and her cronies because they were upset that I accepted a sincere apology and friend request from someone they deem their enemy. Real adults no longer indulge in such grade-school behavior and I was appalled that they would be so childish, but it did not end there.
Has anyone set up a Facebook page just to attack you, Jacqueline? Has anyone gone on to set up 6 more for a total of seven disgusting pages with the sole purpose of trying to make your life miserable? They call it cyber-harassment, and these people have posted my employment, salary information and home address, along with insults and lies on all of these pages. When several cat haters and killers started attacking me on the same pages, I finally set up ONE retaliation page with the URL Ihatecatkillers (I currently have three rescued cats). On my page, I never leveled new attacks, but simply respond to some of the more outrageous attacks on me. Learning of these horrible cat killers was certainly an eye opener for me… I did not know that level of depravity actually existed.
Have you ever received hate mail and death threats simply for standing up to cat hater/killers Jacqueline? I did. The first was a card postmarked from Fresno, California, a city that is only a 2 and ½ hour drive to my house.
2014-01-18 003 - Copy - Copy (3)
The second letter was in a curious envelope and it appears the stamps had not been canceled. Someone had actually driven to my house and placed the envelope into the mail slot that goes directly into my house (there is an intriguing story behind that envelope that I will not go into here).
2014-01-18 004 - Copy
Then one of the cat killers that I argued with, who happens to live in Fresno, California, posts this the same day.
carla - Copy
A police report was filed and we are just waiting for them to add the final nail to their coffin… This helped us…
How I wish life was all about the animals Terry Ward. Some of us have to deal with other issues as well; not by choice.
For Catherine Steinberg… You and I had shared some pleasant chats. You were concerned that I would base my opinion of you on what some of your detractors said and I assured you that I would form my opinion strictly on our own interaction. I actually thought you were a nice person. I was true to my word. The Butterfly Girls group that I joined had no idea we had been chatting. There was no need to disclose it because it had nothing to do with the new friendships we butterflies were forming from the ashes of the old group that was betrayed. I never mentioned you, but was constantly getting called on the carpet for not banning Randy and allowing him to post his hate on my page… I never let that sway me either. The beauty of our group is that they trusted me, even when we did not agree on things and they still do.
Suddenly you posted this on my page:
catherineexposing - Copy
Then send me this in a private message:
Shortly after that, Randy got his panties in a twist and began attacking me as well.
nowwefight - Copy
I was taken aback and then appalled by the assumptions you guys made and then the continuing attacks by both of you because of those baseless assumptions. That’s when the claws came out.
I have never professed to be perfect. I am not a robot and I might act unpredictably when abused. Suffice to say this, Catherine Steinberg, you were never a member of Mensa. Now I need to go throw-up…