Cornelius saved my life!

Well, at least Cornelius thinks so!
Because of the California drought, we can only water two days a week. Our watering days are Sunday and Wednesday. I did not want to miss the opportunity so I went to check on plants and such in the front yard, guarded closely by my 17 pound Maine Coon, Cornelius.
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I live in a friendly neighborhood and on a Sunday evening there are usually several people out walking, either by themselves, as a couple, or with a dog. This night was no exception, and as Cornelius and I headed down the driveway, we waved to a neighbor walking her dog across the street. I headed for the front as Klaus took up his guard position in the driveway, about 10 feet from the sidewalk.
Two other neighbors came by walking their Brittany spaniel and we exchanged niceties. Then they hesitate because their dog has spotted Cornelius, still lying nonchalantly in the driveway looking rather bored.
“Okay Rebel, be nice…” one of the men said as they both turn to look at me.
“Don’t worry about Cornelius” I said. “He knows how to take care of himself…” I was more worried about Rebel.
They took a few steps forward and Rebel was practically choking on the leash wanting to check Cornelius out. I do not think Rebel wanted to hurt Cornelius; this was probably the first cat that did not run away from him immediately when spotted, so this was a curiosity, not only to him but to his owners. The gentleman holding the leash stepped a little closer to the driveway to let Rebel get a little closer to the cat, which they were sure would run, but as the excited Rebel got closer to Cornelius, Cornelius suddenly got up and yowled very loud, he arched his back and stood sideways, His fur rising and his huge fluffy tail curled back in an arch also so he almost looked twice as big as a 17 pound Maine Coon can. He rushed the startled dog, sending him running down the street, dragging the man holding the leash with him. The other man was laughing uncontrollably as he ran down the street after his friend. Cornelius stopped at the end of the driveway as poor Rebel could not get away fast enough and his people could not stop laughing… Poor Rebel!
Cornelius was very proud to have done his duty. No dog was going to get past him and hurt his family!!
Cornelius got a special treat that night for his heroism; saving me from that horrible doggie and those awful men!
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