A blog for Tereasa

Dear Tereasa,
My heart told me that you might be a decent person, but, one who is easily misled. Your trust in people has been eroded by those that have turned against you for dubious reasons, yet you are still willing to trust people you believe have earned your trust and you follow them blindly. How many times have you been burned for that? At one time I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but then you posted this:
Wow! Out of a world population of over seven billion people you three were singled out for “our hate.” Well, aren’t you special! Congratulations!
img-thing - Copy
If you think I never noticed the hate you yourself spew, you are wrong. I have screenshots of so much that there is no way to include them all and some are certainly not appropriate (although I did have to include one), but, let me direct your attention to the nicer ones, where you have attacked the Butterfly Girls and spread lies:
1butterfly put down
1namecallingcussing - Copy
Tereasa, it seems your “auto-response” is set at hate. If someone posts a comment you do not understand, you immediately assume the worst and begin your attacks. Yes Tereasa, I said attacks… It seems you are just as good, if not better, at attacking people you know nothing about, than those who you profess attack you.
You post this comment along with a post from a page I have nothing to do with, but who had shared my webpage blog. When I try to explain that the webpage blog and the Facebook page sharing it have no connection, your response is this:
Do you know what they say about making assumptions Tereasa? I HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMMENTS ON THAT POST!
Wowsa! You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts… Exactly who are you talking to here?
I already know how this will go over with you. You will consider it just another attack and will probably never read the whole thing before overreacting to it instead of seeing it for what it is. All the screenshots are your posts and the commentary in this blog are all mine and include my observations alone. No one else had any say over this, as I am solely responsible for the content of this Blog. My name is Eija Vogel.