Open Letter To Karla Coontz-Clark Admitted Fake

The cabbage patch doll you use for your profile pictures looks more and more like Chuckey every day. I know it is you behind all the hate pages recently created on Facebook to attack me and my friends, as well as many other Facebook hate pages. Do you really think you are being clever? Sadly, you are nowhere near as smart and clever as you think you are. You pretend to be an attorney? What a joke! The truth is you are bordering on being criminally insane and the only experience you have with the law would be on the side of the criminal. You have admitted as much already:
carla - Copy - Copy
As a pretend attorney, did you advise yourself to post the picture above? How about this one?
The funniest thing about it is that you pretend to work at the California Attorney General’s Office!
I wonder what Attorney General Kamala Harris would say to all of your bizarre gutter mouth posts coming from a person who claims to work for her? I wonder what she would say about an employee that creates fake profiles and 18 or 19 hate pages dedicated to harassing people? I think she would root out your evil self long before you caused further embarrassment for them.
You don’t work Karla, but you sure love to attack those that do.
Karlaworknot - Copy
We really do wish you worked anywhere Karla, but instead you choose to attack a National Law firm and an employee that does actually work. Do you really think you are so smart now? If you really worked in law or at the AG’s office, you would know better than to post the crap you post. They would fire you in a heartbeat!




Karla, you are nothing but an uneducated buffoon!