You Have Really Pissed Me off When I Call You A Bimbo

The war between animal rescuers has escalated to the point of obscene. I have allowed both sides to state their case on my Facebook page Exposing Hate Pages Like the Terrible Twosome, etc. hoping they could reconcile their differences and get back to the business of saving lives. I had private conversations with many of them, and I made it very clear that I was not taking sides, nor would I judge anyone on the words of their detractors, but, I would judge them on their own actions as it pertained to me and of course common decency.
I was delighted when I learned that several of these people from both sides were forging ahead and trying to make peace. They started a private group and I was honored to be invited to join, but something was wrong… You could cut the tension in that group with a knife, it was so strong and we soon learned why. Without going into detail, suffice to say that the person who started the group had ulterior motives, and her “friendship” was not sincere, but, in that short period of time we were together, other friendships were forged and strengthened and when the owner shut the group down, a new group was born.
While some warring rescuers are working to put their difference aside and make peace because they are tired of the fighting and they see the toll it is taking on them and the animals, there are still others who seem to be unable to suppress their narcissistic needs and views and are unwittingly proving that all of this is more about them and their need to feel good and important than it is about rescuing animals. It’s not that they do not care about animals, we know they do, but when they put their feelings, needs, accusations and bravado above the needs of the animals that need rescue, we all tend to question their sincerity and commitment to helping those who cannot help themselves.
A narcissist does not recognize the narcissistic nature in themselves. In their minds, they have sacrificed all for the good of their cause and they do not understand why others do not see or appreciate the tremendous sacrifices they have made or how truly wonderful they really are for making those sacrifices. I suppose it is really not their fault, Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a mental condition, but, that does not mean we have to accept everything they do and say because of it. The woman who started the peace group did so to collect “evidence” on a couple of members who she deemed her enemies without any thought as to how this might affect others in the group and was surprised when the others expressed their disgust at such an underhanded tactic.
For some reason, our new group seems to threaten many of the old players, and apparently rumors have started to fly about what our true agenda is. I was surprised by a post to my page from a woman who had sent me private messages when all of this started. She had been very polite and cordial to me so I had no problem with her and I had promised her and all the others that I would only judge them on their own actions, not by what others say.
This was not a private message but a public post directly to my page. The accusatory nature of the post did not go unnoticed so I replied publicly also… Was I mad??
She got so mad that she deleted her post, which in turn deleted my response and sent me this Personal Message instead…
PM - Copy
Someone tells me about a post she has made on another page that was directed toward our little group…
I have to admit, I am finding it difficult to find the right wording to respond to those posts… the audacity… the impudence… take a deep breath… breathe… breathe… breathe… it’s not working…
Who the hell does this person think she is? I have seen a few comments about her, been told a few things, but paid little attention to them because they did not reflect the relationship I had with her… I thought. I have no idea what she believes the group has done to her or who has been spreading gossip and lies, but as far as I’m concerned, I have never said a bad word about her, ever, yet I should beg for forgiveness?

I think not! In fact, from everything I have read there is not a person alive that would ever care enough about her to “crawl on their hands and knees through broken glass” to spit on her let alone beg her forgiveness. What a high and mighty opinion she has of herself and now I have enough personal experience with her to judge her myself… she attacked me… what do you think my opinion is?
Pity. I cannot get over the fact that her personality, reasoning capabilities and judgement are all influence by her Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but that doesn’t mean she is innocent and helpless… it means she is dangerous, at least to herself.