Neo the Wonder Dog!

Our next door neighbor has a dog we call Neo the Wonder Dog because we are still wondering what she is. This we know, she is an adorable little white fluff ball of bark.
Neo barks at everything. Several times she has made herself hoarse barking at things.
One evening, Neo was barking like crazy and her person came out and asked loudly (did I mention that our neighbor has the kind of voice that really needs no microphone), “What are you barking at Neo? What do you see?”
Well now Neo got even more excited and louder, and then I heard, “Neo!! That’s a worm! We don’t bark at worms!” Poor Neo! When we moved in eight years ago, we had two cats, Cornelius and Lester Boo-boo. Neo did not seem to mind the cats at first but that seemed to change after the worm incident.
It is a myth that dogs and cats are natural enemies, but so few otherwise intelligent people seem to realize it. Many, like my next door neighbor, send their dogs mixed messages because they believe the myth, and the bigger falsehood, that cats will sit on the fence just out of a dogs reach in spite just to torment and “make” the dog bark. How stupid is that?
Our Lester Boo-boo got bladder cancer, and on our last weekend with him Neo started barking like crazy because Boo-boo was on the back fence. The neighbor came out and asked, “What are you barking at Neo?” Then as she walked toward the back of the yard she saw Lester Boo-boo and said “A cat! You’re barking at a cat! Good dog!” I think she was just happy it wasn’t a worm… Then she threw rocks at my dying Boo-boo to get him off the fence. Somehow, that night, I was too upset knowing what I had to do the next day to let her have it.
My cats are still trying to figure out why “Neo” still barks incessantly at them, but I know why. One day I came home early from work, my 17lb Maine Coon, Cornelius (who could eat Neo in one bite) was in the flowerbox that sits on the fence between the properties. Neo was barking like crazy at him and my neighbor did not know I was home and just on the other side of the fence. Suddenly I heard this woman raise her voice and growl loudly at Cornelius, “GET OUT OF HERE!”
Cornelius just stared for a moment in shock. He had never been treated like this before, but because he did not move fast enough for her, she got even closer to the fence and growled (yes, growled) even louder.
Okay, here is where I have to confess that I probably did not help the situation very much, but as Cornelius stumbled to get away from this looney… you know… I walked to the fence and welcomed him into my arms and said, “OH come here baby! I won’t let the mean lady hurt you!”
I think my neighbor probably hates me… Oh well… She threw rocks at my dying cat…