Thank you, NOT, John! WTF was I thinking?

John’s true colors have finally come shinning through. Here is what he really thinks of me…


This has been my biggest weakness, trying to give everyone a chance, closing a blind eye to the signs that really point to the truth because I want to believe there is good in everyone and I try very hard to believe the lies they feed to me… knowing in the back of my heart what they truly are. John seems to believe that my retaliation and self-defense page is bullying his poor sweet Lati, yet he turns a blind eye to the horrid bullying she has done on a daily basis. So, John, Can you justify this?
They are trying to say that my husband “thinks they’re hot?” What kind of trash stoops this low. I know they are lying, yet others might not… but you call me the bully? You know damn well I didn’t start this John… I have many PMs from you telling me that, and how you understand that everything I post on my page is in retaliation for the horrid things posted about me… I will post them all if you try to deny them… Do not make me post them…

I remember the days when we would all band together on posts by a few crazy radical ARA’s on hunting pages. I joined in if the posts got violent or cruel, and when the ARA idiot lost their self control and began threatening hunters. You also knew I was ARA, but I never condoned the nasty attacks and death threats (yes, I am sorry my ARA friends, but there were many that did not seem to care as much about the animals as they did about throwing threats around and feeling superior behind their keyboard, both sides are guilty of this). I even have a webpage dedicated to these idiots and their sick threats on this very page… The bottom line is, these stupid attacks in the name of ARA’s made all ARA’s look bad, ALL OF THEM! This was not a good thing for the Animal Rights Lovers who were just trying to stop abuse.
Below is the original post I made about John Gustafson… I guess I now have “egg on my face” and it is “time to eat crow.”
I know your friends will accuse me of all kinds of ulterior motives, saying stuff like “She just tries to hang on to the men in your life,” and things far worse (you have seen them). So are they saying they think you are a mindless idiot unable to think for yourself? They would be very wrong, John.
I know how hard it was for you when this all began. You were friends with both sides and being pulled into several different directions. I was new and a liberal, yet I had taken the time to do the research on the wolf introduction and I came down on the side of the hunters that had been fighting against this release from the beginning. You understood the difference between this invasive wolf and our native wolves better than anyone else, and you took the time to learn that I would not judge anyone for their political beliefs.
You stood up for me against so many who did not understand me and for that I will be eternally grateful. I thought we had grown to trust each other… Then I noticed that you were no longer under the “friends who also like this page” and then I saw this:
A bullet through the heart could not have been more painful than this, yet I understood how you would take the side of the friends you knew first. It was to be expected, but that did not ease the pain. I saw several posts and digs against me… I guess those were expected too, but I never retaliated, just questioned the posts.
Neither of us had a any agenda here, we had built our relationship on mutual respect and the understanding that sometimes we had to agree to disagree, and that was how mature relationships should be, but I will be the first to admit that, as much as I try, I can’t always be mature. I am not a robot, I am a human being and may react unpredictably when abused. You were caught in the middle and reacted as a human being also.
I can’t ban you (as the girls wish) because your opinion still matters to me. Terry, on the other hand hates me, but I haven’t banned him yet because he has not crossed the line (determined by me).
After our “chat” on my page earlier, I wanted to acknowledge how happy I was to see your comment, as well as acknowledge how truly grateful I have been for your friendship in the past. I’m not kissing up, but I realized that maybe I never shared my appreciation before, and I do not want you to feel I take anything for granted.
John, thank you for being you!